How to make Minecraft less laggy: Tips and tricks for players

The vanilla version of Minecraft can run on any kind of PC.

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One of the best aspects of Minecraft is that it is pretty lightweight. This means the game is made of low-resolution blocks and pixels when compared to other visually-sound games available out there. The vanilla version of Minecraft can run on any kind of PC.

However, the in-game stutter and lag could annoy many players. Since the game is played by a huge number of players, such issues could affect both the player base and the developers. Thankfully, players can opt for various solutions that can help remove the lag or stutter.

Use Optifine mod

It is one of the widely used performance mods for Minecraft. It serves as the parent mod for many of the mods, resource packs, and texture packs. Moreover, players can allocate more RAM to Optifine installation and avoid errors like the “Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory” error. However, the biggest and most important change it brings to the table is shader support.

Players can completely change their game with shader installed, most of which bring huge changes to Minecraft’s lighting alongside other effects such as post-processing, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, and world curvature.

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Making changes to video settings

While many players have powerful gaming rigs, not everyone possesses such systems and can face trouble running the game at higher video settings.

Ideal settings for smooth gameplay in FPS:

  • Graphics: Fast
  • Smooth Lighting: off
  • GUI Scale: 3
  • Dynamic lights: off
  • Shaders: off
  • Render and Simulation Distance: Between 2 and 8 chunks for low end devices can help greatly with lagging and low FPS.
  • Max Framerate: Players can limit framerate to an ideal number that their PC can handle. Capping frame rate offers a smoother and less stuttery experience.
  • Biome Blend (under “Details)”: 5 x 5 or lower.

Under Performance

  • Smart Animations, Fast Render, Smooth FPS, Render Regions, Smooth world, Fast Math, Loading, Lazy Chunk, and Dynamic updates should be turned ON.
  • Chunk updates: 1
  • Chunk Builder: Threaded

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