How to get more legend tokens in Apex legends: Here’s how

Apex Legends is unique in its own ways when compared to other battle royale games.

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Apex Legends is unique in its own ways when compared to other battle royale games. It offers adrenaline gameplay. While the class system brings diversity to the overall game, Apex can play a lot more straightforward compared to a game such as Fortnite.

Apex’s currency system, however, can be complex for new players. There are actually five kinds of currencies in the game and each is used for different items. Apex coins can be bought with real cash, while Crafting Metals drop from Apex packs and enable players to craft specific items. Event-specific currencies depend on the ongoing event, and there are Legend Tokens, which is not easy to come by in the game.

There’s no way to purchase Legend Tokens using real cash, which means the supply for them will be limited. Despite the lack of supply, Legend Tokens are used in different parts of Apex, so knowing how to get some might be helpful when in need.

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Legend Tokens in Apex legends

Like other currencies in Apex, Legend Tokens are used to unlock skin recolors and legends.

  • Legendary skin recolors — 6,500 or 10,500 Legend Tokens
  • Legends — 12,000 Legend Tokens
  • First daily challenge reroll – Free
  • Second daily challenge reroll — 200 Legend Tokens
  • Third daily challenge reroll — 500 Legend Tokens
  • Fourth and subsequent daily challenge rerolls — 1,000 Legend Tokens

The cost of rerolling daily challenges resets to 200 Legend Tokens for every day. The in-game store also has some exclusive weapon skins that players can only purchase with Legend Tokens, which is a decent alternative to spend tokens.

How to get Legend Tokens in Apex?

Starting from level 4, Apex Legends players start making 600 Legend Tokens every time their level upgrades. This continues even if players hit the level cap since the system is based on experience points and not levels. Only by leveling up players can obtain Legend Tokens, they’ll simply earn more of them as they play the game.

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