Halo TV show: TV series timeline could cross-over in Halo Infinite

343 Industries revealed a lot of new information about the upcoming Halo TV show.

credit: 343 Industries

343 Industries revealed a lot of new information about the upcoming Halo TV show, which is set to premiere on Paramount+ soon. The post mentioned many interesting points such as confirming the SPARTAN-II programs grisly, dark origins will be a part of the series, and also spilling some beans about the show’s new divergent timeline.

The TV series will take place in the “Silver” timeline, which is a separate and parallel timeline that exists outside of the base Halo canon. This gives the game developer enough room to bend timelines and events to make things more-show-friendly.

It also enables 343 industries to create a potential game-TV crossover. The studio is open to the idea of TV series content rolling back into the source material. The content shown on the TV series could feature in Halo Infinite’s future updates and content drops, such as vehicles, characters, weapons, and monetized cosmetics.

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Here’s what 343i’s community writer and Halo alum Frank O’Connor said during their conversation.

ALEX (Interviewer): “On a similar note: will there be any crossover between the Silver Timeline and core canon? Could something from the Silver Timeline (say, for example, a new vehicle model) be integrated into a future core canon project?”

FRANK O’CONNOR (Halo Franchise Development Director): “Absolutely – and ideally both ways. The show certainly is built on the shoulders of Halo’s canonical giants. The history, the aesthetic, the narrative underpinnings, and so on, are all directly aligned with, inspired by, based on, or aligned with existing Halo stuff.

“Of course, there are tweaks. Armor has to be practical, for example, and Warthogs have to be able to pull off stunts as well as look right, but story differences create great opportunities to make new things that could potentially feature in future games – not just objects or effects, or designs, but people, events, inventions, and more.

“These are two different Narratives, but they are profoundly connected by the same DNA and the intention is to keep making the two the best they can be, not to distract from, avoid, or ape each other. But they are both distinctly Halo and those opportunities are boundless.”

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