Halo Infinite gameplay: New update fixes Quick Resume issue

The game developer recently pushed a hotfix for the game to fix the Quick Resume issues many players were experiencing.

credit: 343 Industries

343 Industries recently pushed a hotfix for Halo Infinite to fix the Quick Resume issues many players were experiencing with the game. As per a blog post, “improvements to online service connections after re-entering Halo Infinite using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Players should see quicker and more stable reconnections to our services.”

Players have already tried Quick Resume in Halo Infinite after the new 1GB update and confirmed that the multiplayer portion of the game doesn’t force players to restart the whole game for it. Earlier, it wouldn’t load properly and forced players to restart the whole game if Quick Resume was used.

Halo Infinite gameplay
credit: Halo Infinite

Players might need to exit the multiplayer screen and re-enter it from the main menu, because “multiplayer is not available” could come up. The fix was pushed after community director Brain Jarrard said, “When playing Halo Infinite campaign you will come across armour lockers that contain cosmetics for your MP Spartan. If you are offline, or disconnected from services – which can occur after Quick Resume – the cosmetics won’t show up in your MP inventory.”

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Besides, another battle pass rework is coming to the game’s free-to-play multiplayer as well, as progression might be moved away from current challenges in the future.

“There’s a lot of work to do here to truly address player feedback around these systems” said 343 Industries, “broader changes are going to take time”. However, the team “will continue targeting meaningful services-side updates…to improve the overall experience”.

Recently, 343 Industries addressed community concerns and assured us that they would be fixing microtransaction and cosmetic issues in future updates. The progression system and the battle pass rewards have improved with time, and the current Winter Contingency event is something players are aiming to complete.

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