GTA 6: New Vice City teaser shows up in GTA Online

GTA Online players are convinced they have found the new GTA 6 teaser hidden in the new update.

credit: Rockstar
By Rohit Kohli | Feb 1, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


GTA Online players are convinced they have found the new GTA 6 teaser hidden in the new update, further cementing the belief that Vice City is making a comeback to the game. The development gameplay leaks of GTA 6 last year confirmed that the series would see Vice City returning to the franchise.

It looks like Rockstar Games is playing into this with the help of a new event. Although GTA 6 is yet to be announced officially, the developers have indicated that the development is going as per plan and the hack won’t affect or delay the game.

As fans are eagerly waiting for Rockstar to release the trailer, a teaser of GTA 6 has made it to the book “Miami Taxi Vibes,” with the Florida location existing in GTA as Vice City.

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GTA Online players might’ve spotted GTA 6 teaser

In a Twitter post, Rockstar tipster ‘Gaming Detective’ shed light on the similarities between GTA Online’s Taxi Work logo and the big “Miami Taxi Vibes.” Both logos show the city’s skyline, which could mean the game taxi company will exist in the upcoming game.

“Could be nothing, but it’s a very interesting coincidence considering we also just got the cab shirt everyone had been speculating about,” Gaming Detective commented.

The shirt named ‘Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar,’ shows a city that some players believe is the Vice City of another location in GTA 6 like Port Gellhorn. Considering how Vice City is a rip-off of Miami in the GTA franchise, it’s possible that it is a hint from the developed about the next installment, but players will have to wait and see what Rockstar has in store for them.

With a trailer expected to drop anytime now, fans are growing impatient for some official news from Rockstar about the highly-anticipated game.

Sony teasing GTA 6 launch?

Previously, Sony posted a TikTok showing the “most iconic intro songs on your PS2” with the GTA San Andreas theme making an appearance. Well, this caused a stir among GTA fans and other gamers to pitch their favorite intro songs.

One user asked for an introduction to the game that was launched before GTA San Andreas, which is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In response, Sony cryptically replied 20th anniversary is coming up too, sparking speculation from the GTA 6 community about the possible release of the new game.

Rumors were rife about GTA 6 will be taking players back to Vice City. So, an announcement to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original GTA: Vice City’s release on October 29 would be the perfect time to announce a new game.

Of course, those were just speculations and nothing official was confirmed by Rockstar, but many GTA enthusiasts were hopeful that Sony is aware of something that fans don’t know about the announcement of the next GTA game.

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