Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Classic Character from 1927 is Coming Back

We should all read up on our history if we don't already know about Oswald's remarkable legacy.

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By Naman Alok | Apr 20, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

There’s a new character coming soon to Disney Dreamlight Valley that everyone is talking about, fans are particularly excited about this character because they have a long history with Disney. We had some hints from the game’s roadmap but the answer remained a mystery. 

After Disney posted a teaser on Twitter everyone believes they know who it is a very special person from 1927 to be sure. Learn everything there is to know about this amazing new aspect of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Classic Character Oswald

We should all read up on our history if we don’t already know about Oswald’s remarkable legacy. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit a character Walt Disney created in 1927 was essential to the company’s early attempts to take over the animation industry. Oswald who was first created for Universal Studios won over viewers hearts fast and spread the basis for Disney’s future success.

Disney’s 1928 loss of the rights to Oswald caused an unexpected setback but in 2006 the popular character joyfully returned to the Disney cut. Since then Oswald has occasionally shown up in different Disney activities attracting both new and seasoned fans with his timeless popularity.

Is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Making a Comeback?


A teaser that was just posted on Twitter triggered an outbreak of speculation with experts picking up on the hints that are placed throughout. The mysterious writing refers to a break in time within Disney Dreamlight Valley which appears as a monochrome transformation typical of silent cinema aesthetics. 

Many believed that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the game’s most recognisable character would soon make an appearance due to this amazing transformation and references to luck which reflect the spirit of a bygone time.

Players hoping for more were teased with previews of what’s to come as Disney Dreamlight Valley revealed its 2024 vision. But the details remained a mystery so fans could only think as to who the upcoming “very lucky villager” may be. Be relaxed however since a small amount of mystery has been peeled to provide fans to the genre with interesting hints.

Celebrating Oswald’s Legacy

A tribute to the character who started Disney’s incredible adventure Oswald’s possible show up to Disney Dreamlight Valley is more than just a simple introduction. Players expectation is developing and every second that goes by means of getting closer to the truth as they wait impatiently for more finding.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is about to arrive bringing excitement and nostalgia to Disney Dreamlight Valley and offering as a constant reminder of the timeless magic that Disney represents. A popular icon will soon be returned into the colourful world of Disney Dreamlight Valley so stay tuned as the mystery is revealed.

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