Founder of Reckoning Esports and Valorant Pro Paradox Lock Horns on Twitter

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A calm discussion about how Red Bull might further improve their collegiate competition, Red Bull Campus Clutch, took a wrong turn and entirely veered off the topic’s intended goal yesterday, December 16. Indian esports can never go too long without any drama, and that’s exactly what happened. Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose, a veteran in Indian esports, started the discussion by outlining his ideas for how Red Bull should make improvements that would help the national team players. This conversation unfortunately quickly turned negative when Sharang “SharkyyBoss” Naicker, the founder and managing director of Reckoning Esports, and Kasif “Paradox” Sayyed, a Valorant professional who was also a member of the Indian team competing at Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022, got into a public argument.

Paradox and Sharang exchange personal insults as they debate Red Bull’s collegiate Valorant competition, turning the conversation unpleasant

Riot Games is in charge of organising the Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022, a valorous college competition. Teams from 47 nations competed in it, which was held in So Paulo, Brazil, from December 13 to 16. Team Villainous, which won the national qualification for India, represented the nation in the competition, although they were unable to get past the group stage, finishing with a record of 1-4. Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose, an Enigma Gaming player, made a suggestion about how Red Bull may enhance the Indian portion of this competition.

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In order to give players who are on the roster for the Red Bull Campus Clutch competition a vacation from their regular responsibilities, Antidote recommended that Indian companies permit them to participate in national team practices. He added that Red Bull might assign a coach to help the qualifying team develop into a cohesive unit and guide the players. These recommendations were supported by many people, including Paradox.

However, in every discussion, there will inevitably be certain points of view that do not coincide and have distinct viewpoints. The idea put up by SharkyyBoss was that Red Bull should hold this Valorous event for “underdog and aspiring professional players who are not linked with any esports organisation,” rather than concentrating on college students.

The existing Red Bull Campus Clutch collegiate esports competition would change into a grassroots-focused event if the aforementioned recommendation were to be put into practice, which would seem to be at odds with the competition’s objectives and branding. SharkyyBoss’ suggestion was met with animosity from Paradox, who then asserted that SharkyyBoss had attempted to enrol his gamers in a dubious university for a price of INR 5,000 ($61 USD).

From this point on, the relationship between the two turned sour and hostile. SharkyyBoss explained that for him, his team (Reckoning Esports) and its practice sessions come first, and that was the only reason he attempted to prevent Saksham “Deadly10” Aurangabadkar from competing in the India qualifiers of the Red Bull Campus Clutch. He merely said that Paradox should “get the whole story before coming with brain-dead slanders” while not completely rejecting the claim that he paid a sum of INR 5,000 to an unknown university.

SharkyyBoss answered, “I can summon gamers to offer statements verifying my accusation,” in response to Paradox’s subsequent declaration that he can “It’s bloody well possible for me to put an end to your career. Take it up with your owner (Rohit Jagasia).”

Once more, Paradox accepted what was said by replying, “Okay good for you, maybe the only way you’ll ever beat me,” without questioning whether SharkyyBoss was telling the truth. Thankfully, this was the last word in their heated conversation, although they both remained steadfast in their stances on the issue.

“If a player succeeds to get into an organisation while being in university, he should be encouraged not denied possibilities,” said Team S8UL manager Siddhant “SID” Joshi in response to the discussion. According to SID, any circumstance is allowed as long as professional players qualified for a tournament, whether it be a grassroots or collegiate event, in accordance with the guidelines established by the organisers and without receiving special treatment.

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