FIFA 22 new features: Live Opponent is the addition to Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team released only the Team 2 of the Future Stars promo, which has introduced another squad of boosted players.

Mbappe in FIFA 22. (Credits EA)
By Rohit Kohli | Mar 4, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team released only Team 2 of the Future Stars promo, which has introduced another squad of boosted players, SBCs, and objectives. EA has also introduced a new form of playing the Live FUT Friendlies known as Live Opponent, bringing a new dynamic to the game.

Live Opponent

Several objectives are required to be completed in the Live FUT Friendlies game mode, and EA has brought in a new concept to test out. This feature will change the way matchmaking works, pairing up players competing in compatible FUT Friendlies.

EA says: “We’re introducing a new way to play Live Fut Friendlies called Live Opponent. Live Opponent pairs two Live FUT Friendlies together so that players entering one type of FUT Friendly match up against players in another compatible Live Fut Friendly. The first instance of Live Opponent pairs two League-themed Live FUT Friendlies together and can help you progress towards earning two different Future Stars Player items.”

The matches can feature special squad entry requirements and house rules, similar to all the FUT Friendlies.

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Test Run

The first set of compatible friendlies is already live, with players going head-to-head against each other in the Live FUT Friendly: Ligue 1 Liaisons and Live FUT Friendly: La Liga Lights.

There are some requirements for each league title:

  • Exactly 18 Ligue 1 (or La Liga) players
  • Maximum one loan player
  • Minimum five first owned players

The Players

Players can bring a new Future Stars player to their club by finishing objectives related to the new friendlies. First is Nice’s French forward named Amine Gouiri, someone who could be a Future Stars Academy Player. Despite an 88 OVR rating, he has the base stats of a 90 OVR player.

Another leaked player is Samuel Chukwueze, who is a member of the Villarreal club. He is fast and has top ability on the ball, with four-star skills and weak foot.

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