Minecraft 1.18 update: Five small features you should know about

The new terrain in the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update wowed almost everyone.

The new terrain in the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update wowed almost everyone.

The Minecraft 1.18 update was by far Mojang’s most significant release to date. The Overworld generation was irreversibly changed as a result of this update. The new terrain in the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update wowed almost everyone.

Beautiful caves generating down to height level -59 and lofty mountains reaching up to Y 256 were included in Minecraft 1.18. The overpowering nature of the new planet generation may lead users to believe they are using a mod.

The majority of gamers were so fascinated by the new landscape features that they overlooked all of the minor changes that came with the latest Minecraft update. There are a lot of changes in Minecraft 1.18, and here are a few that you might have missed.

5 Minecraft 1.18 features you may have missed

5) Enchanting table now emits light

Minecraft 1.18 added new features to fix parity issues between Java and Bedrock Editions. The enchanting table in Minecraft Bedrock emitted level 7, although this functionality was not present in Java Edition.

This functionality was added to Java Edition with the Minecraft 1.18 release. An enchanting table can now be used as a weak light source by Java players. One enchanting table, when combined with the new hostile mob spawning update, can prohibit hostile mobs from spawning in a seven-block radius.

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4) Water breathing potions can be generated naturally

Because potions rarely appear naturally in Minecraft, they are frequently prepared. However, the 1.18 update included a new method of obtaining potions. Water breathing potions can now be looted from buried treasure chests.

Every buried treasure chest in Java Edition has a potion of water breathing, however players in Bedrock have a 46.9% chance of finding one. Potions of regeneration can also be found in buried treasure boxes in Bedrock Edition.

3) Randomized bedrock generation

In the Overworld, the bedrock layer used to generate differently before the 1.18 update. Bedrock blocks, like all other blocks, now create at random at the bottom of the planet.

Prior to this update, all planets had accurate bedrock placement, and players may use tools and methods to locate a target’s location. In version 1.18, these approaches will no longer work.

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2) Horses are attracted to golden food items

Players had to use leads to move horses from one place to another prior to the release of Minecraft 1.18. Players can now entice domesticated horses by using golden food items such as golden apples, golden carrots, and enchanted golden apples. Mules and donkeys can be trained in the same way.

1) Shears have a new use

Players can now use shears to keep cave vines, twisted vines, weeping vines, and kelp from overgrowing in version 1.18. Shearing these plants near the end of their growth cycle will enhance their growth rate and cause them to stop growing. To keep them from growing, gamers had to utilise strings previously.

The way Overworld creates in Minecraft has changed with version 1.18. The little features of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update should also be known by players.

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