Family bonds: Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 4

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The anime “Tokyo Revengers” is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The anime adaptation was produced by the animation studio Liden Films and directed by Takeshi Furuta. The series was written by Tatsuya Takahashi and features character designs by Kenichi Ohnuki and music composed by Takurō Iga. The anime premiered on April 11, 2021, and is currently being broadcast on various streaming platforms. The story follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 27-year-old man who finds himself transported back in time to his high school days, where he becomes determined to save his best friend and his girlfriend from being killed by a powerful gang. Family bonds: Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 4 Family bonds: Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 4

In exchange for helping Takemichi, Hakkai promises Taiju that he will quit Toman and join the Black Dragon

In the starting of episode, Hakkai remembers how I first met Takashi. When he was younger, Takashi, who was also watching his brothers, arrived and stopped him and advised him to utilise his strength to defend others. At the time, he was hitting a boy. Takashi wants to talk to Taiju, but Hakkai doesn’t think Takashi can convince Taiju to change his position, and she doesn’t think things will turn out well. Takashi, however, questions the purpose of the arrival of Takemichi and [[Chifuyu. Takemichi claims he is coming since he was the one who lost, while Chifuyu claims it is because he is watching out for Takemichi, who is a complete imbecile.

When Takashi and Taiju finally meet, Takashi says that if Taiju releases Yuzuha, he will let Hakkai join Black Dragon and never get involved with him again. With the knowledge that Hakkai has been defending his sister from Taiju’s assault, Takashi surmises that Taiju wants Yuzuha to take action. This is a joke, according to Taiju. Takashi continues by saying that Hakkai is leaving Toman for his sister’s safety rather than because he is fleeing Taiju. When Taiju becomes enraged, he lunges for Takashi but the latter deflects his blow. According to Takashi, Toman and Black Dragon will battle if Taiju rejects the condition; else, there won’t be a conflict. Although he claims he didn’t mistreat Yuzuha and won’t hit her again, Taiju accepts the ceasefire. Takamichi understands that Hakkai will murder Taiju in order to save Yuzuha.

Hakkai praises Takashi as they depart and is advised by him to use his strength to defend others. Hakkai remembers a time when they were children and he visited Takashi, who fed his siblings, after hearing that. Takashi responded to Hakkai’s question regarding their parents by saying that he only has his mother, who works late every day, and that he is responsible for raising his brothers during the day. Hakkai speculates that his existence must be challenging, but Takashi advises him not to bemoan his lot in life. Takashi is now repeating what he said to Hakkai.

Takemichi thinks about travelling back in time to say that Taiju must have been killed by Hakkai to protect Yuzuha, but that because they now agree to free her, the future may have changed. Assuming that Hakkai killed Taiju for this reason, Chifuyu asserts that nothing may have changed. Furthermore, Takemichi is arrested in the future, and if he is imprisoned, he might not be able to return home. Additionally, Takashi released Yuzuha, and Takemichi himself made no changes. Takemichi speculates that Chifuyu might be correct and affirms his intelligence. Then Hakkai arrives and requests to talk with Takemichi.

Hakkai clarifies that his family is problematic. Taiju, the oldest, took care of the family because they don’t have a mother and their father is rarely home. He was skilled at winning people over, and he consistently outclassed his adversaries in combat. Hakkai was raised believing that love was supposed to be painful because Taiju treated his family in the same manner. Takashi, on the other hand, flipped his world upside down and forced him to take care of his younger brothers rather than play. Hakkai made the decision to defend his family when Takashi advised him to use his might to defend others. As a result, Taiju made the decision that Yuzuha will also be beating Hakkai. 

However, Taiju betrayed his word to Takashi and beat up Yuzuha as well, so his assurance to the latter will be meaningless, and he will never free Yuzuha. Hakkai explains that he is helpless to accomplish anything because of his constant trembling around Taiju. He made up his mind, though, and chose to leave Toman in order to avoid harming Toman’s reputation. Hakkai wants to kill Taiju in order to save his family. It would be best for Takemichi to avoid becoming affiliated with him because he will probably be jailed. Hakkai then departs, telling Takemichi that he enjoyed their brief acquaintance. Then, Takemichi makes the decision to vanquish Black Dragon.

Yuzuha is informed by Takashi that he spoke with Taiju. Taiju has ties with the wealthy, who employ Black Dragon to help them with some of their issues, as Yuzuha is aware of and reveals. One of Yuzuha’s responsibilities is to collect the payments, but Takashi freed her from that obligation yesterday. Takashi claims that Hakkai put in all of the effort. Yuzuha claims Takashi set him up for it and questions why Hakkai committed the crime. Takashi feels Hakkai is more resilient than she realises, but Yuzuha warns him that such optimism leads to sorrow. Takashi surmises that Yuzuha is hiding something and that the truce was too simple as she departs. Takashi and Manjiro turn around and walk back, but Manjiro switches course and invites Takashi to follow. They proceed to a Christmas tree, where Manjiro announces that they now make up half of the original group. He assures them that he won’t ever abandon them and tells Takashi to forget about Black Dragon.

Takemichi informs the other officers that Hakkai wants to engage Black Dragon and kill Taiju, but the other officers reject this as a justification for combat. Ken rejects it as well, saying that breaking the ceasefire he formed with Takashi would be insulting. Takemichi and Chifuyu assume they will have to handle it alone after the others leave. Tetta makes a comeback and wishes to assist them. Tetta asks Chifuyu what he plans to do when he refuses to cooperate with him because, as long as Takashi has arranged a truce, none of the Toman will go fight the Black Dragon. Manjiro is now weak, according to Tetta, and Black Dragon wants to destroy them since he has grown stronger. When Tetta mentions Manjiro, Chifuyu breaks a glass and points a sharp piece at him, informing him that Tetta isn’t anything more than them. Then Shuji stabs Takemichi while admonishing them against fighting among themselves. Tetta replies that he has an informant at Black Dragon and begs them to accompany him. Chifuyu lowers the glass and inquires about the benefit of working with them.

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Tetta wants to know everything about Taiju and what he does every day, so the four of them go meet with his informant. Since the informant is Taiju’s gopher, he is well-versed in the situation, but Hajime Kokonoi arrives before he can say anything. The last rat didn’t fare well, says Hajime, and he orders the other Black Dragon members to take the informant. Tetta informs Hajime that they have no intention of fighting him. Hajime offers them his services in exchange for 100,000 yen after spotting the cash on the table. When will Taiju be alone, Tetta asks as she delivers him the cash. Taiju is constantly accompanied by five people, according to Hajime, save for one day—December 25—when he is alone. Since Taiju practises Christianity, he visits church every Christmas Eve by himself to attend services. As Tetta asks no further questions, Hajime makes the decision to depart, but he adds that Taiju isn’t weak and he doesn’t think the four of them can kill him. 

Hajime responds that he likes the strong and that Takemichi should bring him another 100,000 yen if he wants to know more. Takemichi questions why Hajime is betraying Taiju. Tetta informs Takemichi that he didn’t want to know when Taiju will be by himself in order to attack him after Hajime departs. Hakkai will also be watching for this opportunity to kill him. Tetta answers Takemichi’s question about his motivation by saying that he wants to support his colleagues. The four of them, according to Tetta, will defeat Taiju in their covert conflict on Christmas Eve and stop Hakkai.

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