Destiny 2 Update What's New and What to Expect

While the world waits for update, Destiny 2's Season of the Wish is well underway, laying the groundwork for The Final Shape Expansion's impending release.

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By Naman Alok | Feb 15, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Gamers who love Destiny 2: enjoy, With a number of improvements and adjustments to the gameplay, Bungie has released the eagerly awaited version In order to understand the implications of this most recent update for players throughout the Destiny universe, let’s dive into its details. This update is centred around the major changes made to the Chivalric Fire ritual weapon. Destiny 2 Update What’s New and What to Expect

From the Collections menu, players can now take control of Chivalric Fire again. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that version 7.3.5, which promises even more improvements to this powerful tool, is imminent. So that they might obtain the ritual weapon’s completely mastered version, guardians may choose to remain patient before doing so.

Destiny 2 Update Season of the Wish

While the world waits for update, Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish is well underway, laying the groundwork for The Final Shape Expansion’s impending release. Even though current season has been extended to make up for the delay, players can still expect a consistent stream of new material and improvements for the first half of 2024. Bungie has released some amazing Mass Effect collaboration content for Destiny 2, which offers players a variety of free items to claim and enjoy.

Tackling Technical Glitches

Bungie pays close attention to detail, which demonstrates their dedication to improving gameplay experiences. A number of technical issues, including the infamous Ball Lightning problem in Stormcaller Warlock, are fixed with update In the past, players have experienced problems with the Ball Lightning melee projectile not appearing after a slide cancel. 

Due to this weakness, Stormcaller Warlocks were more susceptible to attack in battle, especially during Crucible encounters. Nevertheless, this annoyance has been fixed in the most recent version, guaranteeing a smooth activation of the Ball Lightning feature after a slide cancel.

Player feedback has also led to improvements being made to the Riven’s Wishes exercise. While details about these changes are still unknown, players may anticipate a more sophisticated and well-rounded gameplay experience in this game. Furthermore, modifications have been made to the Exotic armour awards that may be obtained through Riven’s Wishes, resolving problems with the way base stats appear in Collections.

Patch Notes Overview

A concise overview of the key changes introduced in Destiny 2 update includes:

Gameplay and Investment

  • Players can now reacquire the Chivalric Fire Legendary Sword from Collections.
  • A subsequent update, 7.3.5, will facilitate the retrieval of the fully masterworked version of Chivalric Fire from Collections.


  • Stormcaller Warlock: Resolved an issue where the Ball Lightning melee projectile could fail to spawn when activated immediately after canceling a slide.


  • Adjusted requirements for Riven’s Wishes activity.
  • Fixed issues related to Exotic armor pieces rewarded in Riven’s Wishes, ensuring accurate base stats display in Collections.
  • Resolved a bug preventing the unlock of the Supernova Sprint Triumph for players completing the Starcrossed Exotic mission in under 20 minutes.

The latest update for Destiny 2, version, introduces a slew of improvements that fix common problems and prepare players for an epic gaming experience. The Destiny universe keeps developing thanks to Bungie’s relentless dedication to player pleasure, enthralling audiences with its immersive gameplay and compelling story.

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