CoD Warzone map: Which map is better for Warzone?

With the recent update for Call of Duty: Warzone, many players are debating on several things.

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With the recent update for Call of Duty: Warzone, many players are debating on several things. One of the topics for debate is which new map is better for CoD Warzone? Is it Caldera or Verdansk? Let’s understand in detail.

The Terrain of maps

The terrain for both Caldera and Verdansk is interesting and different in several aspects. Caldera map is vegetation and wilderness-based. While Verdansk map is very modern-looking and has a lot of structure in and around.

The Color of the maps

The color of these maps is also a topic of debate. Streamers and Warzone professionals are talking about the vibrance in Caldera compared to Verdansk. This can be concerning as this is the biggest difference between the maps. Due to vegetation, most of the map has green color and blue is the water in and around the map. This could attract players who like having a visual treat in the game.

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Relationship of gun and map

The gun/map relationship is the map compared to the guns that can be used within the map. For the regular guns in Verdansk, it was a good dynamic because there were a lot of bad guns compared to the normal meta’s used.

In Caldera, the gun/map relationship is intriguing. This is because of the guns used on the map. The guns are not overpowered as they are in Verdansk. However, the problem here is that there are slim pickings when speaking of gun drops.

Vehicles in the maps

Lastly, the vehicles found in the Caldera map are a lot creative. There are two vehicles that have guns attached to them. Something they did not have in Verdansk. Those vehicles are the fighter plane and a vehicle with an AA gun on it as well.

Which one is better?

Overall, both maps are great for the players. The implementation of a variety of weapons over games has resulted in a huge base for the franchise. However, the fact that Caldera was created, showcases how the developer is trying to grow the game.

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