What is hip fire in COD Mobile? Everything you should know

Call of Duty is undoubtedly one of the most-played shooter titles in the history of gaming.

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Call of Duty is undoubtedly one of the most-played shooter titles in the history of gaming and it finally became available for mobile devices in 2019. The anticipation was high and players wanted to experience the same level of quality that the game offered on every other platform.

TiMi Studio managed to deliver when it comes to quality and COD: Mobile became an instant hit even though it entered the market after its contemporaries. While COD players won’t have a hard time getting the hang of mechanics, new players might find it difficult to get familiar with different aspects of the game.

When you start playing COD: Mobile, you’ll notice that aiming down sights (using ADS) will enable you to be more precise while shooting. Aiming down sights might not always be the best alternative, however, as there’s some animation delay. Hip firing can be better than ADS if the opponent just pops up just ahead of you.

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Hip firing means shooting without aiming down sights. The shots will be less accurate when players hip fire, but it won’t matter that much the target is close by. The close distance will make up for the increased bullet spread and time will be saved since players don’t need to wait for the ADS animation to finish before they can start firing.

Though this technique is effective in close proximities, hip firing in long-range scenarios might not be as effective. Hip firing increases bullet spread that makes it hard to land long-range shots. If players are in a house and checking every room, they might want to hip fire over ADS.

Hip firing works well with weapons that have high fire rates or shotguns. If there are two enemies in a single room and one of them is nearby, players can take the close target by hip firing and quickly ADS to finish the other enemy at a distance.

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