Clash of Clan army strategy: What is DrVaWiPe attack strategy?

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game that requires players to use several offensive methods to defeat their opponents.

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Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game that requires players to use several offensive methods to defeat their opponents’ bases. Players can either choose their own offensive methods or depend on strategies used by more experienced players like GoHo, Blizzard E-Drags, and others.

DrVaWiPe is also a well-known attack strategy in Clash of Clans, and it’s can come in handy for TH 8. The army’s composition can be changed depending on the opponent’s base, yet the primary troops will be the same.

How to use DrVaWiPe in the game?

DrVaWiPe is a Town Hall 8 3-star attack strategy that is very effective and reliable in multiplayer fights and clan war attacks. Dragons, Wizards, PEKKAs, and Valkyries are all parts of this strategy, which can guarantee at least two stars if performed properly.

Players with high-level TH 8 troops and those who want to push for trophies, use this effective attack strategy.

TH 8 DrVaWiPe Army composition:

  • 5 Valkyries
  • 3 Dragons
  • 3 PEKKAs
  • 4 Goblins
  • 4 Wizards
  • 1 Hog Rider
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 4 Earthquake Spells
  • Dragon (Clan castle)

For this composition, players will have to shell around 875 Dark Elixir and 96100 Elixir.

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How to execute DrVaWiPe attack strategy?

Step 1: Players will have to make use of the Poison Spell to finish the opponent’s Clan castle troops after luring them out using the Hog Rider. If they don’t die, finish the task with Wizards.

Step 2: Players can use earthquake spells to destroy walls creating a funnel for ground troops.

Step 3: Players need to create a funnel for PEKKAs and Valkyries and once the Air defenses are destroyed, they need to deploy the Dragons along with Rage spells.

Step 4: Players need to let the Dragons, PEKKAs, and Valkyries take most of the core defenses and use Wizards to attack side defenses.

Step 5: Now, they should deploy goblins to clean up outside buildings like army camps, collectors, etc.

Step 6: By practicing this attack strategy regularly, TH 8 players will be able to loot 3-star bases in multiplayer battles and clan war attacks easily.

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