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The second season of Arcane League of Legends, which began in November 2021, will have to live up to even bigger expectations than the first one. A fan favourite from the moment it debuted on Netflix, Riot Games’ animated series went on to earn numerous honours, including The Game Award for Best Adaptation in the 2022 edition. The eagerly awaited arcane season 2 should debut in 2023 now that 2022 has officially ended. Let’s review all we currently know about the second season of Riot, including its anticipated release date, plot, cast members, and much more, as we wait for any official word from Riot. Be careful that the next section may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen Arcane Season 1. On the other hand, if you’re interested in learning more about the background, look into how Riot and Arcane were tied to Runeterra.

Release Date for Arcane Season 2

Season 2 won’t debut until 2023, according to Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games. We will probably hear some updates on the project now that ’23 has arrived. A date for the release of Arcane League of Legends season 2 is not yet set. Having said that, we are aware that Riot started developing the sequel soon after the premiere of the first season.

All scripts had already been created, but adjustments had been made throughout the process to make them flawless, said Rioter Christian Linke two months ago in response to an AMA on Reddit. Arcane season 2 appears to be getting a lot of attention from Riot this year, but it probably won’t be ready in the first part of the year.

When will the release date for arcane season 2 be made public? It will likely occur before the start of summer in mid-2023 in order to keep expectations in check. In light of this, we must hold out hope for the arrival of other confirmations soon.

Who will be in the second season of Arcane?

It should go without saying that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, all three of the main characters will have the same narration in the sequel. In addition, only these characters have been officially confirmed for Season 2:

Ella Purnell as Jinx

Hailee Steinfeld as Vi

Katie Leung as Caitlyn

There are many uncertainties about who will be a part of season 2 after the spectacular Season 1 conclusion. Which arcane council members make it out of Piltover’s attack unscathed will have a major impact on the characters and, by extension, the voiceovers. Members of the League of Legends Arcane Council include:

Jayce Talis (interim head)


Cassandra Kiramman


Mel Medarda



While Mel and/or Cassandra may be the two victims of the attack, we are confident that Jayce should survive. They will be included among the victims in the series along with Silco, Vander, and Marcus. However, there is no information available on the other members outside them.

It is expected that Heimerdinger, Ekko, and Viktor will be present, with new characters being introduced in season 2. The League of Legends champion Warwick, who was seen in the last teaser, maybe one of them. The half-werewolf, half-machine character’s voice actor is not yet known, though.

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Storyline and Plot of Arcane Season 2

Piltover and Zaun were both the settings for Arcane’s first season. The two cities are mirror versions of one another, with Zaun serving as the undercity and Piltover as the wealthy one. Arcane Season 2 is anticipated to continue where the first one left off, with the intrigue remaining in the finale. However, considering that there may have been a hint about Swain in the first season in the form of his ravens, the sequel may delve farther into the world of Runeterra, with Noxus being one of the new places included.

We previously speculated that Warwick would be one of the upcoming League of Legends arcane characters, and the clip suggests that he is closely associated with Singed. Keep an eye out for the crazy chemist since he might end up playing a significant role in the following season.

There is a lot to discuss regarding the first season characters in addition to the presence of new characters. Jayce may decide not to fulfil his commitment to grant Zaun its independence now that Jinx has committed terrorism against the council, particularly if Mel, Jayce’s partner, dies. The daughter Caitlyn might wish to seek down Jinx and get revenge on her mother Cassandra if she doesn’t escape from her ordeal alive. Vi will then have to decide whether to support her sister or Caitlyn in her quest for justice. This will play a major role in the story.

Plot Hints during Arcane AMA’s Interviews

Christian Linke summarised the season 2 plot in the same Reddit AMA by using the word “war.” Jinx’s assault suggests that Zaun and Piltover may engage in a full-blown brawl. We’ll also see more encounters between her and Ekko, according to Linke, who also reported this. We may also discover more about Viktor’s move towards mechanical augmentations thanks to Hextech and the rivalry he has with Jayce.

Kevin Alejandro, who plays Jayce, claimed in a Buzzfeed interview that arcane season 2 will keep viewers “on the edge of their seats” and that they will be “conflicted in a manner that I don’t know if it’s good or terrible.” Like, your feelings will be ripped from you, and you’ll say, “Oh my goodness!” You will conclude [Season 2] in that manner. It’s excellent!

We can be pretty confident that he’s going to give it his all to convey those emotions given his passion for the series and the fact that he believes Arcane “is one of the coolest things” he’s ever been a part of. Arcane’s sequel is expected to be chaotic but exciting overall. Season 2 may provide something that surpasses the first season because there is so much that is yet unknown. As a result, fans will have to wait a bit longer, though possibly not by much.

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