Boruto manga Chapter 75 Overview

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The series is an official continuation of the Naruto series by Masashi Kishimoto. Shueisha asked Kishimoto to create a sequel, however, he refused and suggested his assistant Mikio Ikemoto serve as an illustrator. Ukyo Kodachi, who co-wrote Boruto: Naruto the Movie, came onto the project as a writer. The story starts 15 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. The most recent and exciting chapter of Boruto manga, Chapter 75, is released.

Boruto manga Chapter 75, ‘ The Domain of the Gods ‘ overview

Amado summarises Eida’s & Daemon’s abilities. Boruto becomes sceptical about Daemon having the ability to reflect murderous intent. Kawaki tests it out & confirms it by getting a bonk in the head from just thinking about it, with Daemon teasing him a bit about it. Naruto questions Amado on how he developed such abilities. Amado tells him that he didn’t develop them as he is just a mere human since those abilities are made from gods and instead, transplanted them. He then elaborates that the abilities came from Shibai Ōtsutsuki, who ascended to godhood by repeatedly going to planets, consuming Chakra Fruits, and resurrecting using Karma, to the point only his corpse remains. 

Transplanting DNA from Shibai’s remains results in granting the recipient one or more of his abilities. Shikamaru checks with Katasuke, who while isn’t confident that transplanting such abilities can be achieved through human technology, the advanced technology he has witnessed like at the airship and in Kawaki’s body makes him consider the possibility. Amado is offended by their distrust of Shikamaru. He tells Amado to don’t pay mind to his cautiousness and continue. Giving examples of Shibai’s abilities, Amado explains that they aren’t ninjutsu or genjutsu, rather they are ninjutsu, as they’re equivalent to “Divine Miracles”, which he states ninjutsu being a mere imitation of it, offending Sarada. He clarifies which abilities from Isshiki and Code are ninjutsu, including Karma. Shikamaru asks how Shibai is dead when Karma allows one to resurrect & live forever, and if someone killed him. 

Amado admits he doesn’t know and theorises that Shibai must’ve evolved so much to the point he took a form that didn’t need a physical body and discarded it while ascending to a higher dimension. Shikamaru agrees with his theory, along with Naruto – who is puzzled. Amado then explains that the powers of the Ōtsutsuki are the “hope” to make something impossible become possible, such as resurrecting his daughter.

Delta approaches Sarada and Mitsuki, asking permission to go see Eida. Sarada refuses, seeing she is still partially affected by Eida’s enchantment ability. Sumire arrives using Delta’s shutdown code, apologising to them. They note that Eida’s enchantment ability is very strong, able to overcome Delta’s programming, causing her to disobey Katasuke and Sumire. Mitsuki notes he has to be careful, and Sarada realises how fearful Eida is than she thought.

Amado explains his daughter Akebi, who died 12 years prior to Boruto’s birth, suffered from a terrible illness that had an unknown origin and had no treatment or cure. He wasn’t concerned about the illness as he discovered a solution by cloning a body for his daughter, which he was more experienced with instead of developing new medications and having successfully preserved her brain, from which he was able to extract & digitise her memories. Nine months after Akebi’s death at age 24, he completed Delta, who despite her looking and sounding the same, and having all of her memories, had a completely different personality. He tried many times, but failed every time, making Akebi back, which finally broke him. 

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At that time Isshiki, in the form of Jigen, approached Amado promising to reunite him with his daughter in exchange for helping him complete his goal. He didn’t know that Isshiki’s goal would doom the planet, making Akebi’s resurrection pointless. He still hasn’t given up on reviving her daughter, as he discovered karmic resurrection, and determined what it does is precisely what he wanted for Akebi. Sumire then understands Amado’s goal. Amado added Akebi’s data to Kawaki’s restored Karma, wishing him to implant a Karma onto a cloned body he’ll prepare, hoping to bring back his daughter. Boruto admits he thought Amado’s goal was far worse. Still suspicious, Shikamaru asks Eida to confirm Amado’s information. Amado gets very upset or offended, and Shikamaru reminds him to ignore his cautiousness as it’s his job. While Eida is gathering evidence of Amado’s claims, Momoshiki contacts Boruto, his thoughts now able to crossover due to Boruto being restored with Momoshiki’s data to bring him back from the dead. He asks Boruto not to let Kawaki catch on, and voices his suspicions about Amado. 

He confirms Boruto’s claims about Shibai and ninjutsu, and that he has a full understanding of all extant ninjutsu, confirming that the Senrigan is a ninjutsu, but that Eida’s enchanting ability isn’t. Boruto asks why would Amado need to lie about her ability, with Momoshiki wanting the answer to that as well. Eida confirms that Akebi existed and died according to Amado’s claim. Boruto asks Momoshiki about their situation, and Momoshiki claims their thoughts are available to each other against their will. Boruto suddenly activates the Byakugan and has a vision of his friends and Konoha ninjas chasing down Kawaki, with Eida noticing Boruto’s expression.

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