BGMI Partner: How To Make Partner In BGMI Connection?

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This is a step-by-step guide to becoming a BGMI Partner: How to Make a BGMI or PUBG Mobile Connection Partner? There are various relationship statuses besides partner, such as BFF, Lover, Buddy, and so on. This post will show you how to simply create a partner in BGMI. The goal of being a partner in Battlegrounds Mobile India is to form a deep bond with that person and show off a dual persona in the lobby with friends.

Note: When you and a friend attain a Synergy of 100, you can request a Connection. You must have 400 synergies with a friend to form a partnership. Your character images will appear in each other’s space once you’ve become partners.

Connections In BGMI

  • Partner
  • Lover
  • Bromance
  • BFF
  • Buddy

How To Make BGMI Partner?

Follow the below steps to create a partner in BGMI and display dual characters in the lobby when someone visits your Battlegrounds Mobile India profile. BGMI Partner Connection

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  1. Click on Profile and then tap on Connections

2) Tap on Partner

3) Tap on Request partner to whom so ever you want to partner with

How To Remove Partner In BGMI?

  1. Go to BGMI Profile > Click Connection
  2. Tap on Partner
  3. In the Partner tab, tap on 3 dot line
  4. Click Remove Relationship
  5. Confirm by clicking on Ok button

How To Hide Partner In BGMI?

These steps will guide you how to hide connections in BGMI

  1. Go to BGMI Profile > Click Profile Picture
  2. Click Change Avatar Frame option
  3. Tap on Connection
  4. Turn Off Allow other to see Connections

All connection will be hidden from your profile

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