BGMI Partner Program: How To Get BGMI Partner Title?

BGMI Partner Program: This is a step-by-step instruction on how to become a BGMI Partner: How to Become a BGMI Partner. The BGMI Partner Title tag is one of the most coveted in the game, granted to a select few players, primarily YouTube content providers and pro gamers.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of obtaining the BGMI Partner Title for free. I can’t guarantee that you’ll acquire the partner tag in BGMI, but if you follow this guide, you might be able to get it for free. Let’s have a look at all of the procedures that must be followed.

Dynamo Gaming, 8 BIT THUG, Classified YT, SNAX Gaming, Bandookbaaz, Creative Pavan, and Gaming Pro Ocean are among the YouTubers who have already earned the partner status. These individuals are either YouTube streamers or BGMI content creators.

What Is BGMI Partner Program?

It is a rare BGMI title awarded to content creators who also earn additional benefits such as free UC, actual Air Drops, and other thrilling presents. The BGMI Official Partner Title serves as a sign that you are a verified member of Krafton, preventing UC and Popularity scams using your name.

BGMI Partner Program Requirements

There haven’t been any needs revealed by the game developers, so these are our only assumptions, and I’m confident that these proposals will work.

  1. Consistency
  2. Consistent Branding
  3. Try To Be Professional
  4. No Any Negative Story
  5. Active On Social Media
  6. Original Content Created
  7. Regular Content Production
  8. Active Viewers And Engagement
  9. Good Viewership On [YouTube Is Best]
  10. Most Of The Content Should Be Related To BGMI

How To Get the Title?

If you qualify, the game developers will add you to the BGMI Partner Program, and you can claim the partner title for free by completing the steps below.

Following are the steps

  1. Click on the Up arrow (Bottom right corner) > Mail

2) In System section > Tap on Battlegrounds Mobile India Partner Title

3) Click on Collect (to claim the Partner title)

4) Go to BGMI Profiles > Tap on Profile Picture > Edit

5) In the title, section choose Battlegrounds Mobile India title > Use

How To Become BGMI Official Partner?

There is no official way to become a BGMI official partner, but if you believe you deserve it, the easiest way to apply for the BGMI Partner Program is to send an email to Battlegrounds Mobile India & Krafton.

Can I Make Money In BGMI After Becoming Partner?

No, there is no way to profit from BGMI by becoming a partner. However, if you want to make money, try creating online content and sharing it on other platforms where users may access it so you can monetise it.

What Are The Easiest Ways To Get the Title Tag?

The simplest method, in my opinion, is to publish content online or to write about the BGMI on a website. The more engagement you have, the more likely you are to obtain the title.

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