BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 1 Big Brother Esport Performance Break Down, Stats, Rotations, Drop Locations And More

Battleground Mobile India Pro Series league stage (BMPS) is going on 24 qualified teams from BMOC are be divided into 3 groups will competing in robin format to qualify for BMPS grand finals. Today we are talking about a T1– Team BBE. They performed brilliantly in week 1 of the BMPS league stage because of that they sit on #4 in overall point standings with 155 points which include 87 finish points and 68 placement points. Team BBE (Big Brother Esports) is led by (IGL) Beast, currently, they have 4 players in their lineup Beast (The IGL), Scream (Assaulter), Xenoppiiee (Assaulter), Hellgod (Assaulter) that’s it. So let’s talk about team BBE. BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 1 Big Brother Esport Performance Break Down, Stats, Rotations, Drop Locations And More

BMPS 2022 Week 1 Big Brother Esport Performance Break Down, Stats, Rotations, Drop Locations And More

Drop Location

Team BBE drop location on the map of Erangel is Farm and his split compounds, in this drop they have one more team who take gunfight with them, that is 7seas but they handle this situation very well. In Miramar, they have two drop locations 1st they prefer to loot in Los Leones, and 2nd is Ruins and its split compounds. It depends on the flight path of that match.


Team BBE has two strategies of rotation we start 3-1 split this is a very popular strategy used by many other teams but it depends on the team how perfect they are in this strategy, 2nd is Four-man together, all four teammate rotate together in this strategy there is no (minimum) chance to lose their teammate in (circle to circle) zone rotation.

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Team BBE’s mindset through fight engagements

They also take fights in 3-1 or four players together, they play in a dynamic play style, this playstyle is based on real-time matches the situation and team decisions, BBE engage their fights in two strategy 1st 3-1 split in this split three teammates engage their fight from the front and one player is taking flank to make an off-angle but in holding an area 3 player engage with other teams and one player is taking the fight with another team. 2nd four-man together strategy totally based on player synergy, because all four are together in this situation they have the power of four-man in a particular area or team, but there is some disadvantage that is there is no off-angle information of other team or area but they have massive gun-power in his team that’s why they have not a have a lot of issues in this playstyle.

Average number of third party engagements

The third team that takes advantage of 2 team fight is called the third party engagement, so they can get the benefit of finish points. Team BBE’s third-party engagements are high because of the four players together strategy, that’s why they take multiple third-party engagements and collect high finishes, but they also prefer zone as well, so it is safe to say that team BBE takes 4-5 third party engagements in every match.

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