Beat the Royale Challenge in Clash of Clans: Rewards and attack strategy

Clash of Clans is an online combat game in which players attack other players’ bases with Super, Dark Elixir and Elixir soldiers. Magic items, hero skins, and in-game base challenges are among the game’s new features. One of the most popular changes coming to the game is the addition of base challenges. All players face these challenges regularly, and they demand that players attack strong bases built by experienced players with army formations. Successful attacks reward players with experience, gold, dark elixir, elixir and magic items. In this article, let’s discuss the plan of attack for Clash of Clans’ base challenge, the Royal Challenge. Beat the Royale Challenge in Clash of Clans: Rewards and attack strategy

Royale Challenge in Clash of Clans

The latest challenge has been announced, and it features the game’s new visuals, Royale Visuals. To gain experience and a range of other resources, players must defeat the base with the troops provided.

Here are the in-game details of the Royal Challenge in Clash of Clans:

The base contains a large number of defensive buildings and hidden traps, including six single-target Inferno Towers, eight ground X-bows, four Archer Towers, four Mortars and six Bomb Towers. The base also includes some level 1 Archer Queens and Barbarian Kings. Players who complete the challenge will earn a shovel of obstacles and 400 experience

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The developers have also provided an army structure for defeating the Royal Challenger in Clash of Clans, consisting of the following soldiers:

• 18 Miners
• 10 Hog Riders
• 3 Healers
• 3 Pekkas
• 1 Balloon
• 40 level Archer Queen
• 2 Rage Spells
• 1 Clone Spell

How to beat the Royal Challenge?

Players must complete the Royal Challenge by May 22 to earn special rewards, Gold, Dark Elixir, Elixir and experience using the army structure provided by the developers. Following are the best ways to complete the Royal Challenge and earn rewards:

At the corner of Base’s Town Hall, use Queen’s Walk and Pekka. To make a funnel for the miners, place a pekka on the corner opposite the edge.
To destroy the core of the base, use both Hog Riders and Miners as well as the Rage spell.
When the enemy’s Clan Castle army is activated, use a balloon to clear the Archer Tower in a corner and deploy another Rage spell.
Use the Clone spell on Hog ​​Riders when they are close to each other.

Royal Challenge in Clash of Clans is the easiest base challenge to earn extra resources and rewards. Players try to complete it before May 22, otherwise the challenge will be over.

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