24 Teams Qualified for BMOC The Grind : League Stage, Schedule, Teams

Yesterday, the qualifying for the BMOC practise scrim “The Grind” ended. The four-day stage was hotly contested, with thirty-two invited teams competing in a total of twelve matches. The top 24 teams proceeded to the league stages of the tournament, while the bottom eight were eliminated. The eligible clubs for the league stages are listed below.

The league stages will take place from April 7 to 10, and will last four days. These 24 teams will compete in a round-robin format, divided into three groups of eight teams each. The top 16 teams will advance to the finals, while the remaining eight teams will be eliminated once more.

Qualified teams for BMOC The Grind League Stage

  1. Team XO
  2. Team Soul
  3. Chemin Esports
  4. Hyderabad Hydras
  5. Orangutan
  6. Global Esports
  7. GodLike Esports
  8. Team Insane
  9. OR Esports
  10. 7Sea Esports
  11. TSM
  12. Team Mayhem
  13. Skylightz Gaming
  14. Hydra Official
  15. Team 8Bit
  16. Team Forever
  17. Revenant
  18. R Esports
  19. True Ripper
  20. FS Esports
  21. Entity Gaming
  22. Revenge Esports
  23. Nigma Galaxy

BMOC The Grind : Qualifiers stage summary

The overall points table was topped by Squad XO, the most consistent team in the country. With the help of 89 finishers, the squad scored 169 points. Team SouL, a fan favourite, came in second with 74 kills and 151 points. With three wins, the squad won the most chicken dinners.

Chemin Esports took third place with 59 kills and 140 points, thanks to its fresh roster. The Hyderabad Hydras, on the other hand, finished fourth with 132 points.
GodLike Esports got out to a sluggish start but put in a good showing in the final two days, finishing seventh with 125 points. Team XSpark qualified for the league stages as well, placing 13th, while fan favourites Team Hydra and Team 8bit placed 15th and 16th, respectively.

Enigma Gaming and Blind Esports had a bad day and were eliminated from the qualifying stage. Fierce from Team XO was named MVP of the Qualifiers.
At 5:00 PM IST, the league stages will be webcast on BattleGrounds Mobile India’s official YouTube account. Team SouL, who can once again surprise you with its dynamic gameplay, should be avoided. Aside from that, Team XO and TSM will strive to show off their top-tier gamplay once more.

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