Drew McIntyre discusses Cesaro's departure and Cody Rhodes' return to WWE

Drew McIntyre discusses Cesaro's departure from WWE and Cody Rhodes' return to the company.

WWE Night of Champions 2010 Drew Mcintyre and Cody Rhodes won there tag team championship belts [Image- Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Mar 1, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Drew McIntyre has been one of the roster’s public faces since his comeback in 2017. McIntyre is particularly prepared to discuss other locker room exits and arrivals.

This is partly because he was dropped by Vince McMahon’s organization and rose to new heights after being re-signed.

Drew was questioned about two alleged roster changes that have dominated the news cycle in recent weeks by Baby Huey of In The Kliq.

Concerning the prospective return of former AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes, the Scotsman used the same “if” comments we’d seen people use when discussing the guy who obtained his WWE release in 2016.

On the other hand, McIntyre seemed ecstatic to potentially have his former tag partner back. He also presented the argument for why Rhodes would want to return.

“If he comes back, good for him. That’d be awesome. I know what it feels like to be gone from WWE feeling like you should have achieved more, and coming back to do it. And just knowing him the way I know him, he probably feels the same way about unfinished business. So if it materializes, then, awesome. He’s such a talent, and be more than welcome on the roster.”

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Drew McIntyre on Cesaro’ departure from WWE

When asked about Cesaro, whose WWE contract is rumored to have expired, Drew is disappointed they haven’t had a chance to fight one-on-one yet but is convinced his buddy will make it. He also shares something about the very reserved Swiss Superstar’s personal life:

“That’s a shame. So many people come and go from the company, I’m one of them, and we always see each other down the line, but it sucks more when it’s a friend, and somebody that you really want to wrestle — that was my number one match, I think it was his number one match. We’ve both been wrestling for 20 years, but never had a singles match. We’re gonna be a bit longer, it’ll happen eventually. But, you know, he’s got his family. He’s got his new kid, and he’s going to be just fine. He’s far too talented not to be.”

Cesaro has always been one of the top talents WWE had to offer. But, now, after his departure, it can be speculated that many will try to contact and get a contract with him. Let’s wait and watch where “The Swiss Superman” will go.