Why is the KYC Procedure Required for Sports Betting Sites?

If we consider the majority of bookmakers, then the procedure for checking personal data is almost the same.

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By Karthik Raman | Jul 17, 2023 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Know Your Customer (KYC) is one of the important procedures that are mandatory for various gambling sites, including bookmakers. Its essence ends up in verifying the identity of each client, which is necessary to eliminate possible fraudulent and illegal activity. 

Money laundering is a good example: the illegal use of other people’s personal data, sponsorship of terrorism, and so on. In addition, with the help of KYC mechanisms, bookmakers check whether their customers have reached the age at which they can legally bet. If we consider the majority of bookmakers, then the procedure for checking personal data is almost the same.

In-Depth Check of the KYC Procedure

You need to provide your real address, full name, and date of birth and send documents confirming the data you entered. Most sites allow you to upload photos or scans of your passport, ID card, or driver’s licence. Once all the data is entered and the photo is uploaded, the user clicks to confirm the verification. After that, the information is checked against various multiple databases to ensure maximum reliability. Not many users of bookmakers know that this procedure often includes assessing the potential risks of the bettor’s side.

An example of this could be an analysis of the user’s financial history, an assessment of the transaction volume, and so on. Internal algorithms on the portals make it possible to identify with a high degree of probability those clients who may be potentially problematic or suspicious. This helps to prevent a large number of crimes related to finances. In general, this is one of the basic approaches for creating the most comfortable and safe betting environment.

Reasons Why Bettors Trying to Avoid ID Verification

Although this is a vital procedure, many British punters prefer gambling sites without ID checks. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is anonymity. Brits usually prefer their information to remain confidential. Also, no verification betting sites described at Casinogap.org are a must if a player wants to use cryptocurrencies and some other crypto for payments.

There’s a common practice of bypassing restrictions, which sometimes has negative consequences associated with violations of the basic Responsible Gambling rules. If you want to create several accounts at once to overcome restrictions on bonus programs and increase their chances of success. An equally rare reason is an attempt to continue betting by those who are on the self-exclusion program. Finally, such betting sites are a favourite place for criminal activities. 

First of all, this concerns money laundering and the organisation of contractual matches. It is important to say that attempts to circumvent this procedure always have serious consequences (of course, if it is not a no-verification bookie). For example, the site may block winnings on the balance or delete the account altogether.

Why is ID Verification Important for Bookmakers? 

Reliable bookmakers always adhere to KYC rules. Most of the offshore betting sites require ID only on withdrawal when UK-based bookmakers ask for ID during registration. First of all, this was made to comply with the legal and regulatory standards for settlements in the gambling market. For example, most reputable licences require bookmakers to follow this procedure to avoid the money laundering and terrorist sponsorship situations mentioned above. If the bookmaker does not comply with these rules, then sanctions may be imposed on it, leading to a problem with the reputation and, accordingly, with the client base.

It also helps create a transparent and fair betting environment with a clear understanding of who is who. This is important for bookmakers and bettors who understand that they have registered on a safe site and do not need to worry about their sensitive data. An important value of this procedure is the use of basic Responsible Gambling rules. This helps control not only the age of the customers but also determine betting patterns. This, in turn, helps intervene in time and prevent negative consequences.


The Know Your Client procedure is one of the fundamental mechanisms for the protection and safe use of a bookmaker. Thanks to KYC, it is possible to identify potentially problematic users, prevent fraudulent activities, comply with Responsible Gambling rules, and much more. 

At the same time, there are many bookies where you do not need to provide your personal data and disclose your identity. On the one hand, this is a tempting proposition since you remain anonymous and can play even when you are in the self-exclusion program. However, on the other hand, it is always associated with a great risk of violating Responsible Gambling rules. The same is true for protecting clients’ personal and financial data.

Therefore, if you still decide to register on a bookmaker that does not require data verification, ensure you have a licence. It must be relevant and issued by a reputable regulator. Also, carefully evaluate the payment methods, the bonus program, and the quality of the customer support service.