Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho responds to Paul Pogba’s criticism

Pogba had questioned Mourinho’s man-management skills when the Portuguese managed Manchester United

Jose Mourinho in a file photo; Credit: Twitter
By Karthik Raman | Apr 17, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

It is no secret that Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho had a toxic relationship during Mourinho’s final months as a Manchester United manager. After United defeated Jose’s current team Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League last weekend, Pogba had lifted the lid on the fractured relationship with his former manager. The Frenchman had suggested that Mourinho would “go against the players”, which is something current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would not do.

After drawing 2-2 at Goodison Park against Everton on Friday night, Mourinho issued a blunt response to those comments. “I would like to say that I couldn’t care less with what he says,” Jose said of Pogba’s comments. “I am not interested at all.” It is interesting to note that Manchester United had signed Pogba from Juventus in 2016 – Mourinho’s first managerial season at the Old Trafford club.

In a recent interview, Pogba had compared the man-management styles of Solskjaer and Mourinho. He insisted that the Norwegian is more sensitive with the way he manages the squad.

“What I have now with Ole is different, he wouldn’t go against the players,” Pogba told Sky Sports. “He wouldn’t go against the players. Maybe Ole wouldn’t pick them, but it’s not like he puts them on the side like they don’t exist anymore. That’s the difference between Mourinho and Ole.”

Pogba also spoke about how he had a good relationship with Mourinho, which later turned into a sore one.

“Once I had a great relationship with Mourinho, everybody saw that, and the next day you don’t know what happened. That’s the strange thing I had with Mourinho and I cannot explain to you because even I don’t know. So, yeah,” he added.

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