Arsenal loanee Lucas Torreira wants to leave Europe and play for Boca Juniors

The Uruguay international expressed his desire to leave Europe following his mother's death from Covid-19

Lucas Torreira file photo, Image credit: Facebook/Lucas Torreira
By Karthik Raman | Apr 2, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Uruguay midfielder Lucas Torreira, who is on loan at Atletico Madrid from Arsenal, has stated his desire to leave Europe. The 25-year-old has expressed his interest in playing for South American giants Boca Juniors after his mother died of Covid-19 earlier this week. Torreira told ESPN, “The night my mother died, I told my representative that I don’t want to play in Europe anymore and I want to come to Boca.”

Back in July 2018, Torreira joined Arsenal and was a regular starter under then-coach Unai Emery. Following Emery’s departure in November 2019, he has struggled for minutes on the pitch under Spaniard Mikel Arteta. Earlier this season, he was sent out on loan to Atletico. “We have to stop the myth, it’s not all about Europe. I want to be close to my home, to my family,” he said.

“I’m trying to digest the situation, it’s difficult to understand the moment but as time goes by we learn to live with the pain,” he added. “I asked Atletico for some time off. Cholo (manager Diego Simeone) understood everything and they gave me a week, but I asked to stay for a little longer. On Sunday I will probably return. I have to do my duty and life must continue. Atletico have been very good to me and it’s important.”

Torreira also explained how this was not a decision taken in the heat of the moment, but one he always wanted to do. “It’s not a violent emotion, a crazy decision because of my mother. I have always said that I want to play for Boca,” he further stated. “I’m dying to play for Boca and I will always say it. The night my mother died, one of the first to hear the news was my agent. I don’t want to play in Europe anymore, I want to play for Boca.”

Opening up about his loss, he said, “My mother was 53 and died of Covid. There was an outbreak in Fray Bentos (where he’s from) and she was fighting and struggling for 11 days but on Monday, I got the worst phone call.”

He further added, “My father came in crying and told me the time had come to play for Boca. Going through this situation and seeing my dad destroyed by the loss of my mum breaks my heart.”

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