Warzone hacks: Will Warzone Hackers continue to persist?

Recently, a lot of changes were made to Warzone in Call of Duty. One of them was anti-cheat software.

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Recently, a lot of changes were made to Warzone in Call of Duty. One of them was anti-cheat software. However, the question still remains, where Warzone hackers will always be a thing?

Stance of CDL Pro players

Call of Duty League professional players including Scump and Methodz believe that there will never be a time where there will be no hackers in Warzone lobbies. Former pros also think the same that active players won’t touch the game if there are no major changes brought to it.

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What CoD Pro Thinks

Warzone professionals such as Swagg and Aydan think that Warzone might fizzle out due to the lack of attention the game is given from hackers. This is compared to other similar titles such as Apex Legends and Fortnite that have smaller budgets.

Some believe there is still hope that the lobby won’t be affected by hackers. However, this has yet to be seen. It has been nearly three years of this game mode without getting anti-cheat software.

COD Competitive Players

Many competitive players love having a lot of game modes in Warzone to battle it out at the highest level game mode. However, the anti-cheat need could be an issue as there are so many hackers, which prevents a competitive atmosphere from growing. If you are someone who loves the game, you are most likely to play it regardless of the retention.

The CoD Casual 

As mentioned earlier, if someone loves the game, they will play it regardless. However, if people are just getting into the game or just looking to try another title, do they really want to play a game that is plagued by hacking? Only time will tell if there will be a time with no hackers in CoD.

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