Velocity Gaming Eliminated from VCT 2022 APAC Stage-1 Challengers after group stage defeat to South Built Esports : Results

Velocity Gaming was eliminated from the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) APAC Stage-1 Challengers . Tonight after a dismal loss to South Built Esports from the Philippines. The Filipinos qualified for the Playoffs by defeating the South Asian champions and became the last team to do so. Velocity Gaming in VCT 2022

Velocity Gaming established its presence on the global stage once again after a dominant start to the season by defeating Hong Kong side Oblivion Force. After that, they lost their momentum and lost back-to-back games to Thailand’s Full Sense. And then to the Philippines’ South Built Esports, putting them out of the competition.

Velocity Gaming was defeated by South Built Esports on all three games, resulting in an instant loss. South Asia’s journey in the VCT APAC Stage-1 Challengers has come to an end with their elimination.

Velocity Gaming eliminated from the VCT APAC Stage1 Challengers:

In the last game of Group-D, Velocity Gaming faced South Built Esports. After losing to Full Sense in their last game, the Indian team was relegated to the bottom bracket. South Built Esports, on the other hand, won their last game against Oblivion Force . After losing their opening match of the league to Full Sense. Velocity Gaming in VCT 2022

The game was a best-of-three series between the two clubs, with Playoff qualification on the line. Velocity Gaming fell out on the Playoffs due to disappointing losses in their matches against Ascent (13-11) and Haven (13-6)

Velocity Gaming took the lead on Ascent early in the game and remained in control for the majority of the map. They did not, however, finish the map, and South Built Esports took advantage of their errors. The Filipinos dominated the second map as well, finishing in style to clinch a perfect victory over their opponents.

South Asia’s participation in the VCT APAC Stage-1 Challengers came to an end with this defeat. Velocity Gaming was not, however, the only representative from the region who competed. Global Esports competed in the event as well, but were eliminated from the competition after only winning one game in the play-ins. Velocity Gaming in VCT 2022

For the South Asian teams, these exits have served as a wake-up call. It will be fascinating to observe how they polish themselves in the next months in preparation for the VCT APAC Stage-2 Challengers.

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