Valorant FOV: Best Field of View settings and how to change it

Having the Field of View (FOV) settings can bring significant improvements to the best gaming experience in FPS games like Valorant.

Despite the fact that Valorant is a relatively recent game (it was released in 2020), its prerequisites are quite low by today's standards. (Credits: Riot Games)

Having the Field of View (FOV) settings can bring significant improvements to the gaming experience in FPS games like Valorant. This game doesn’t just allow players to be more engaged in a match but also leads players to the path of victory.

Riot Games’ popular shooter shook the gaming industry when it came out for players across the globe. Today, it is one of the most played games in the world, and players have already grasped what could be the best FOV settings to use in the game.

While the game might not be able to provide direct FOV settings, we have you covered. Here’s everything you should know about the best FOV settings in Valorant, and how to change them.

Valorant Best FOV Settings

Even if the game does not have a FOV slider, it was released by a game developer from Riot Games called ‘Classick’ that the game uses a 103 FOV. The developer also mentioned that it is not playing Valorant in a ratio of 4:3 is not recommended as it will make the game’s FOV become 71. So players are advised to stick with the default 16:9 optimized version of Valorant to get the best experience while playing it.

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How to Change the FOV Settings

With the game limiting players to change the FOV settings inside the game itself, there is still another option to customize their game’s FOV settings. This is only possible if players are making use of NVIDIA graphics cards.

For players to change settings with their Nvidia GPU, they need to click Start and select Run. Type “dxdiag” in the ‘Open’ box and then click ‘Ok’. It will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Now, they need to choose the Display tab, and all the details of their graphics card will appear instantly.

Now, to set up the different FOV settings for Valorant, players need to right-click on their desktop and select the Nvidia Control Panel. Now, players should go to the Display section and select ‘Adjust Desktop Size and Position.’ Now, they need to choose ‘Aspect Ratio’ and set it to 4:3. If players wish to play with a stretched resolution, they will have to choose ‘Scaling Option’ instead.

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