Valorant champions: Acend crowned as first ever Valorant champions

Acend will take home the prize money of $350,000, while Gambit will receive a sum of $150,000.

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Acend is the world’s first team to be crowned as Valorant champion. They beat Gambit Esports in the grand finale of Champions, the capsone event for Valorant’s first tournament circuit. The grand finale took place at Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany. The teams went to five maps in a best-of-five format, with Acend clinching the victory on map Split, with a score of 3-2.

Acend will take home the prize money of $350,000, while Gambit will receive a sum of $150,000. The semifinalists – Latin American team KRÜ Esports and Europe’s Team Liquid will take home $90,000 each. As per the viewership tracking service Esports Charts, the viewership peaked at 1,089,068 during the grand finale.

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Valorant that came out in June 2020, is a first-person tactical shooter where teams of five face each other to be the first to win 13 rounds. Attacking teams are required to plant a bomb in a designated area and stop opponents from defusing it. Defenders need to keep attackers away from the bomb sites or defuse it once it is planted. Also, both teams can win a round by finishing all their opponents.

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After a year-long series of tournaments and qualifiers, 16 teams from across the globe played at Champions. Gambit Esports is based in Russia, and they won the previous international event called Masters Berlin leading up to this tournament. Acend lost to the North American 100 Thieves in the quarterfinals of that event.

A number of other teams viewed as possible finals contenders, most prominently the North American teams Envy and Sentinels, never even made it to the quarterfinals. Instead, both squads lost in the group stage by Thai team X10 CRIT and KRÜ Esports respectively.

Recently, Patiphan Chaiwong, a widely known gamer from Thailand, returned to competing in Overwatch after having a successful run in Valorant. He represented X10 Crit in Valorant Champions 2021 and managed to secure the seventh spot. After the defeat, he decided to call it a day on his Valorant competitive days. But he thinks that Overwatch is more difficult to play than Valorant.

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