Valorant Betting: How to Bet?

Upon its launch, over one and a half million gamers were attracted to this eSports, breaking the records of visualizations within the Twitch platform.

Many Agents Get Released Soon In 2023 In VALORANT; Credit: Valorant
By Karthik Raman | Sep 9, 2022 | 5 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Is this your first time hearing about Valorant? Maybe, you’ve tried it, and you want to get better? Well, you are at the right place! We have everything you need to know regarding Valorant bets. Even though it is just over a year old, it has become one of the most famous eSports people bet on.

Today, Valorant gambling sites are enjoying the expanding market of this first-person game. This article explains what betting on Valorant is, the kinds of bets, features, and many more interesting things.

What is Valorant?

This is the latest round-based first-person shooter by Riot Games. It is based on competitive aspects, pinning players like Twitch casino streamers against each other in a unique, highly-competitive, and well-balanced tournaments environment. As an eSport, it has direct similarities with its competitors like CSGO, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Upon its launch, over one and a half million gamers were attracted to this eSports, breaking the records of visualizations within the Twitch platform. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the sheer number of events that follow its release.

Valorant Betting Sites

We have done our best to review the sites which allow betting on Valorant. While doing this, we’ve taken into consideration various key factors. First of all, the entities have a legitimate license, offer various payment methods for the players’ convenience, and provide attractive bonuses.

  • Betway. It is a global betting company that operates on various markets providing its users with fair odds, and bonuses for new players.
  • Zodiac casino is an online casino that has been on the gambling market for a long time. According to its reviews, it is one of the most trustworthy and reliable sites that offers the Valorant players the most interesting options. Its minimum deposits are highly favored by the players.
  • Luckbox is a relatively new betting site that has reached high popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface, mobile compatibility, and fair odds.
  • Arcanebet is a betting site which has made Valorant one of its 2 biggest operating markets. It is a new platform that includes various modern features and offers.
  • Thunderpick is a platform that has got the most positive reviews from Valorant players. They offer crypto withdrawals and deposits, and operate on fixed odds betting system. It also offers minimum deposits for the users’ convenience.

Types of Bets

Here are the most common betting options you can try out:

Match-Winners – the Best Type of Bets for $1 Casino Players

These are the simplest betting options available. Like every other sports betting, all it takes to win is to pick the winning teams. Match-winners are definitely at the top, whether you are playing single or accumulator bet. Guess the winner, and you win. This type of betting is probably the one that doesn’t require as much analysis as the other ones, so it may be suitable even for beginners. They can start the experience by making small deposits at a trustworthy 1$ minimum deposit casino to practice this type of bets. As it has been mentioned before, Valorant is available at low deposit online sites, and this is a huge perk for those who are not ready to invest too much.

Correct Score

This requires you to guess the score of the match. There are two sorts of correct score bets— match-based and map-based. Match-based requires you to guess the result of a match correctly. Map-based requires you to guess the outcome of a single map. The correct score is more technical, and it’s difficult to nail down for sure; however, the Valorant betting odds make up for it.

Player With Most Kills

As the name implies, it requires you to bet on the gamer that will have the most kills. It is straightforward but risky, but if you know the game scene, its odds could get you far!

Total Maps/Rounds

These are quite similar to correct score bets but with one difference. They require you to guess the total figure of maps/rounds, not the correct score in the given match. You will select if the end count of maps/rounds is higher or lower than the estimate provided by the bookies.

In order to master this type of bet, you need to understand what pool depth means. It features four competitive maps, and you need to understand how to play and the key angles of all four maps. You need to grasp the defensive and attacking approaches. Also, you should know how to properly play at least three agents out of the 11 playable agents. These agents have unique abilities that do all kinds of things. Understand what each ability does and understand the right way of attacking and defending it. Knowing the mechanics of the game will give you the benefit of an educated guess.

Steps to Successful Valorant Bet Online

Before starting to bet, familiarize yourself with all the maps and agents, and use the Valorant guide so that you can enter the Valorant competition. This is the sure way to get the required experience. It will increase your gaming sense, distinguish different sound cues, and predict certain scenarios and opponents’ movements. However, watching events will give you valuable insight into boosting your skills.

Like we said earlier, it is easy and entertaining for the players. Here are tips to keep in mind that’ll help you grasp the basic knowledge of placing bets:

  1. Understand the game. You can’t be good if you don’t know how to play it. Familiarize yourself with the agents and their abilities.
  2. Choose a reliable eSports betting site! This is the only way to have the most excellent gaming experience. We recommend Zodiac casino.
  3. Open an account! Sign up by filling out the registration page and confirming your identity and email address.
  4. Fund your wallet. Use a suitable payment method, but first, stick to the minimum deposit.
  5. Select matches to wager on. You will find the eSports betting options in the menu of the platform, but it varies by casino.
  6. Endeavor to do plenty of research and explore your options before you go for betting with your money. Once you are satisfied, hit the “bet” button. Then sit tight and enjoy the event.

In Summary

Summarily, Valorant is a newcomer to the eSports scene, but it has become famous among gamblers around the world. It provides excitement at every turn and can be boosted when you bet! You’ll realize that there are different betting options, so there’s something for everyone. Also, you can enjoy live betting on top online casinos. 

Searching for a platform to make your first bet? After reviewing many of the best sportsbooks, we’ve decided that the best sportsbook is Zodiac casino. Head to this gambling platform and see why we rate it so highly.