The Player Hides His Past Chapter 36: Release Date, Spoilers, and Where to Read?

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Sir Lee Hoyeol in "The Player Hides His Past." Chapter 36 reveals intense training, etiquette tests, and a surprising twist. Brace for a face-off against a level 300 foe! Release date and where to read await your exploration.

The Player Hides His Past (Credits: Naver/Webtoon)
By Saheel Khirodkar | Dec 31, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Dive into the thrilling world of The Player Hides His Past as we anticipate the release of Chapter 36. The protagonist, Sir Lee Hoyeol, finds himself in the midst of intense training on the Yusra Archipelago. In the previous chapter, we witnessed unexpected messages, etiquette tests, and a surprising turn in Hoyeol’s sword aura training. Now, let’s explore the recap and a sneak peek into what Chapter 36 has in store for readers.

Recap of Chapter 35

Sir Lee Hoyeol’s daily routine on the Yusra Archipelago involves grueling physical exercises, a testament to his dedication. Amidst this, a mysterious message from a significant figure, Sir Hoyeol, disrupts his training. This mage from the Mage’s Tower tests Hoyeol’s manners and formality, revealing the underlying intricacies of mage circles.

As Hoyeol is engrossed in sword aura training, his mentor makes a surprising decision to end formal training, pushing him into real battles for further enlightenment. The unexpected challenge arises in the form of a level 300 Silver Mane Leopard, setting the stage for an intense face-off.

Preview and Spoilers of The Player Hides His Past Chapter 36

In Chapter 36, readers can anticipate Hoyeol facing the formidable Silver Mane Leopard head-on. Despite the level difference, his newfound sword aura skills become the key to landing an effective blow. The chapter promises to unravel the implications of utilizing sword aura in real battles, marking a significant milestone in Hoyeol’s journey.

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Release Date and Time of The Player Hides His Past Chapter 36

Prepare yourselves for the release of Chapter 36 on January 5, 2024. Check the release timings for different regions:

RegionRelease Time
Pacific Daylight Time8:00 AM PDT (January 4, 2024)
Central Daylight Time10:00 AM CDT (January 4, 2024)
Eastern Daylight Time11:00 AM EDT (January 4, 2024)
Japanese Standard Time12:00 AM JST (January 5, 2024)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time02:00 AM AEDT (January 5, 2024)

Where to Read The Player Hides His Past Chapter 36

Experience The Player Hides His Past Chapter 36 on Naver Webtoon, a platform with multiple webtoons for readers.

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Final Thoughts

As Chapter 36 unfolds, the journey of Sir Lee Hoyeol takes a fascinating turn, blending intense training, unexpected challenges, and the unveiling of sword aura prowess. Brace yourselves for a riveting adventure that promises to captivate readers and leave them eagerly anticipating the next chapters in this enthralling tale. The Player’s journey continues, and we can’t wait to witness what destiny has in store for our resilient hero.

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