The Grand Finale of the Esportz Premier Series LAN event in Mumbai unites Indian gaming and esports communities with great success

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‘Esportz Premier Series, India’s Yearlong Esports Championship’ is the flagship IP of It was first launched two years ago with the idea of an open for all tournament having a community-first approach, providing a platform for amateurs, novices, and pros while featuring gaming titles from all the major genres of esports (PC, Mobile, & Console). It completes the esports cycle with multiple online qualifiers leading into a Grand Finale over LAN bringing all facets of gaming under one roof. Completing two editions, the tournament has evolved into a launch pad for anyone who aspires to ‘Go Pro’ by putting their talents and passion to the forefront. The Grand Finale of the Esportz Premier Series LAN event in Mumbai unites Indian gaming and esports communities with great success.

About is a leading Esports & Media brand under the house of Gig Work Pvt Ltd. Founded in the year 2020, has evolved into a one-stop integrated gaming solutions company through a variety of verticals such as Media & Publishing, IPs & Tournaments, and Production & Agency services. It has attracted thousands of Indian gamers by providing them with tier-one competitive circuits with an opportunity to rub shoulders with the pros & consume content about daily happenings around the globe. Over 1000+ hours of produced quality content have been devoured by millions of viewers through various tournaments and gaming shows. It thrives to continue making a substantial contribution to the Esports and Gaming markets with an experienced team resource.

Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale LAN, uniting Indian Esports and Gaming Community in Mumbai

‘Esportz Premier Series, India’s Yearlong Esports Championship’ is the flagship IP of, a leading Esports, Gaming, & Media wing of Gig Work Pvt Ltd. The second edition kicked off in January 2022 with 5 gaming titles including VALORANT, Rocket League, Street Fighter V, Free Fire MAX, and Clash Royale. From open for all qualifiers, 98 of the top esports athletes advanced to the Grand Finale, which was held over four days from January 3–6, 2023. The Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale was the first Esports LAN of 2023 and also the first one following the declaration that esports has been recognised by the Indian Government as “multi-sports,” which also implies that esports is now officially counted as a spectator sports event.

The event was supported by India’s first patented built-in massager backpack brand – EUME as the ‘Powered by’ sponsor, the beverage company Monster Energy as the ‘Official Energy Drink’ partner, Computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master as the ‘Gaming’ partner, Peripherals manufacturer Rapoo as the ‘Peripheral’ partner, and Gaming hardware manufacturer ZOTAC Gaming as the ‘GPU’ partner.

Over the course of two days at the Grand Finale LAN of India’s Yearlong Esports Championship, attendees engaged throughout while enjoying action-packed matches by their favourite esports athletes on the Grand Stage, demonstrating the popularity of esports as spectator sports. In order to provide attendees and contestants with the best gaming experience possible, the event was managed by industry-leading event production and studios, including lighting, setup, design, audio, and equipment specialists. Every finalist made a spectacular entrance to the Grand Stage with a huge split-screen LED opening in the stage’s centre.

Additionally, visitors had access to the venue’s numerous gaming experience zones equipped with cutting-edge gaming consoles, PCs, virtual reality sets, and even racing simulators. Through multiple Meet & Greets across two days the fans got to know some of the most well-known figures in gaming and esports, including Xyaa, HyraFlick, Meow16K, SharkShee, Jimmy Gaming, Willy Gaming, Insane, Syrus, GyroGod, Ronak, Sasuke, Ignite, Shonty, RDX Rocky, Harsh, OG Sway, GodL Kamaljeet, MintyGal, GodL Langoti, Hydra Emperor, Hydra BTS, and others.

With a tremendous footfall, the Grand Finale in Mumbai also saw attendance from S8UL Sid Joshi, Kani Gaming, Dr Rushindhra Sinha, Mohit Isanrey, Rite2Ace, S8UL Ankkita C, SK Rossi, OG Hades, SK Rossi, HellRanger, KappA, Assassins ARMY, and many others.

Santosh Smith, Director of Capital Group, said: “Throughout the yearlong cycle, we at strived to cater the finest experience to the Indian Esports and Gaming Community, both online and offline. Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale was set as the inaugural LAN of 2023 and the first esports event since esports has been recognised by the Indian Government. We aimed to showcase the potential of esports as spectator sports throughout the year and the Grand Finale, and we want to thank the publishers, sponsors, players, fans, gamers, creators, and influencers for their support in making it a successful one while demonstrating the same.”

The first two days were held online, and the winners were Orangutan Elite for Free Fire MAX, Pineapple Cake for Rocket League, Jeferson Andrey Ortiz Rayo for Clash Royale, and Bhagwant ‘B3’ Singh Bagh for Street Fighter V, while the VALORANT was held on a LAN. Six teams from across India congregated in Mumbai: ROG Academy, Gods Reign, Revenant Esports (RNT), Lethal Esports (LE), Reckoning Esports (RGE), and Oh Bey (Enigma Gaming) to compete for the Yearlong Championship trophy.


• ROG Academy, one of the youngest new teams, faced up against one of the audience favourites Gods Reign featuring Simar “Psy” Sethi and company in the opening round. The result, a surprise 2-0 victory for ROG Academy, highlighted the core of the Esportz Premier Series as a platform for amateurs, professionals, and beginners alike—a place where anybody can go pro in esports.

• With players from Velocity Gaming and Enigma Gaming joining forces, Oh Bey was one of the event’s star-studded rosters and was regarded as one of the dream teams of Indian VALORANT to ever exist: Excali, HellFF, DeathMaker, Antidote, RVK, and HellFF, with LordBathura as their Coach. Although, with no proven history of this powerhouse line-up together on paper but carrying such firepower, they performed as anticipated and sent Reckoning Esports home 2-0 in the Quarter Finals. However, in their following round, they suffered a 2-1 loss against tournament favourites Revenant Esports, which secured RNT a Grand Finale berth.

• Lethal Esports had a clean run with 2-0 in Quarter Finals against ROG Academy and locked their slot as well to face Revenant Esports in the BO5 Grand Finale.

• With BO5 on the hand and RNT appearing to have the odds in their favour, Lethal Esports players stepped up big time individually, bringing the first Map of Pearl itself to overtime and securing in favour

• RNT immediately responded, winning the following two maps, Icebox and Haven, to take a 2-1 lead in the Series

• While it appeared like RNT had the advantage at the moment and may win the series, Lethal immediately stepped up with Kheltuzad of LE sensing the situation and making moves. Giving everyone a decider Map 5 of Breeze.

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• JoshS and Paradox of RNT both brought their A games on the final map, and although it was a close match, RNT managed to defeat Lethal Esports 13-10. Ultimately, the RNT roster comprising Whimp, Blackhawk, Paradox, Ching, and Josh won the Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale with a 3-2 victory series victory.

The Finals’ boisterous LAN crowd cheers for Lethal Esports and Revenant Esports turned out to be the most encouraging part of the finale. Fans continued to support their favorite teams and players as the maps advanced to the pivotal stage in the Best of Five championships, feeling a spectrum of nerve-racking as well as exhilarating emotions. The gaming entertainment elements of the Grand Finale were completed by two Influencer showdowns featuring some of the most well-known creators. The victors of the Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale for Free Fire MAX, Orangutan Elite fielding Jonty, OldMonk, Pahadi Gaming, Mr Jay, and Duker, also received the Yearlong Championship trophy on the Grand Stage.

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