Take-Two CEO says GTA 6 leaks were emotionally challenging for devs

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has made some comments about the historic GTA 6 leaks that happened last year.

credit: Rockstar
By Rohit Kohli | Feb 9, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has made some comments about the historic GTA 6 leaks that happened last year. He said these leaks were emotionally challenging for the developers having their work leak before intended.

Speaking to IGN before Take-Two’s latest earnings release, CEO Strauss Zelnick was questioned about 2022’s GTA leaks. The leak spilled details about early gameplay, revealing new protagonists, combat systems, and the potential location where the game will be set.

The leaked footage went viral as Rockstar was involved in one of the biggest leaks seen in the gaming industry. Zelnick recently commented that it was a very disappointing situation despite the leaks not affecting Take-Two’s earnings.

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“We take leaks very seriously indeed and they disappoint all of us, it’s really frustrating and upsetting to the team,” Zelnick said. “However as a business matter, we’re not affected.” 

He also said that the teams that are working on the game were personally and emotionally affected by the leaks. This isn’t the first instance where Rockstar, Take-Two’s subsidiary, has shown disappointment in the leaks.

Rockstar to layoff its workforce

Previously, the company tweeted saying they were disappointed that details of the highly anticipated game were revealed to the audience through a leak. Last year’s leak of the game was revealed because of an unauthorized intrusion by a young hacker. The cybercriminal hacked into the developer’s servers and revealed early game development footage of the game. It was followed by posts on the GTA Forums.

The company’s recent earnings release has not shared any information about the upcoming game, but it pointed toward potential layoffs, as Take-Two failed to meet its financial targets.

It was also revealed that the company will be taking some cost-cutting measures in the coming days. Meanwhile, GTA 5 has surpassed 175 million copies sold, with around another five million being sold in the last quarter. GTA 5 still holds the record for the second best-selling game of all time, following Minecraft which has sold over 238 million copies.

GTA Vice City teased in GTA Online

GTA Online players were convinced that they have seen the new GTA 6 teaser hidden in the new update, further confirming the belief that Vice City is returning to the franchise with GTA 6. The development gameplay leaks of GTA 6 last year confirmed that the series would see Vice City making a comeback.

It seems Rockstar Games is playing into this with the help of a new event. Although GTA 6 is yet to be announced officially, the developers have indicated that the development is well on its way as intended and the leaks won’t affect or delay the development of the highly-anticipated game.

As fans are eagerly waiting for Rockstar to release the trailer, a teaser of GTA 6 has made it to the book “Miami Taxi Vibes,” with the Florida location existing in GTA as Vice City.

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