Smite: The Best Warrior Gods to pick in Smite

Warriors in Smite are melee frontliners, fierce enough to lead the charge yet tough enough to take the brunt of the damage. The MOBA’s Warrior Class is reserved for Gods created to expressly block the enemy’s advance through strengthened offense, due to Smite’s action-oriented nature. Warriors, who are usually specialized in teamfights, thrive in the heat of battle. smite warrior gods

Warriors, unlike other MOBAs, isn’t designed purely for melee combat. A Warrior can tank as well as a Guardian or even deliver high-damage output like an Assassin, depending on the God. But, with Smite’s ever-growing roster, which Warriors make the cut as the game’s most powerful?

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Bellona’s simple yet effective playstyle is one of the reasons she is a mainstay in the game’s main banner. Warrior Bellona focuses on charging the frontlines to disrupt the enemy’s formation with crowd control, high damage, and powerful utility skills because of her kit’s adaptability. Being a jack of all trades, however, means being a master of none, as evidenced by Bellona’s lack of ranged targets and reliance on being in combat practically all of the time.

When Bellona is in the middle of a battle, her Master of War (Passive) provides her with constant protection and speed boosts. This complements her combat-oriented abilities. Shield Bash (S1) is a forward strike that slows adversaries, whereas Bludgeon (S2) is a spinning attack that increases damage as it hits more people. Meanwhile, Scourge (S3) stuns and wounds enemies while also disarming them and disabling their basic attacks, while Eagle’s Rally (Ultimate) offers Bellona and her allies increased attacks and defenses in an AOE. smite warrior gods


Mulan is a fighter who, at the time, was unrivaled in terms of battle strategy and combat prowess. Her mix of offense and defense in the game reflects this, making her one of the top solo laners since launch. Mulan’s strong endurance and naturally high base attack make her a standout in the early to mid game. Due to her delayed growth, players must keep a low profile in the endgame. Mulan’s role as a late-game support attacker or supplementary tank for the squad is ideal versus Assassins. smite warrior gods

Mulan’s Training Arc (Passive) bestows various perks based on the weapon she employs, which increase as she employs each weapon more frequently. She wields a sword equipped with Cross Strike (S1), which increases her attack speed over time, and Spear Thrust (S2), a slowing attack that grants her partial lifesteal. Meanwhile, Grapple (S3) is a stunning bow and arrow attack, and Divine Mastery (Ultimate) is a three-weapon combo that increases not just her defenses but also her weapon effectiveness.

Erlang Shen

The Illustrious Sage, Erlang Shen, is known for his battle skill and knack for tactics and strategy. Erlang Shen, despite being the Jade Emperor’s nephew, is no pushover. Because of his straightforward personality and powerful early game stats, he easily controls the Jungle. His great adaptability and burst potential allow him to thrive in any teamfight in the long run. Despite his adaptability, his primary goods are quite predictable. Similarly, Erlang Shen’s lack of crowd control immunity can render him worthless when stunned, making him useless against the likes of Khepri.

Erlang Shen’s Howling Celestial Dog (Passive) increases his attack power by assisting him in attacking his foes. This complements his other abilities, as Spot Weakness (S1) boosts his attack and Pin (S1) is a useful stun. Erlang Shen, like Sun Wukong, has 72 Transformations (S3), each of which grants different skills. Finally, 9 Turns Blessing (Ultimate) provides Erlang Shen with a modest advantage in terms of damage mitigation. smite warrior gods


Aside from the jokes about his heel, Achilles is endowed by the gods with unrivaled strength and combat prowess. This is evident in Smite’s high pressure game and his ability to choose between a safer defense build and a rigorous offensive plan. Achilles, on the other hand, lacks crowd control talents, rendering him susceptible in the wrong situation. When employing Achilles in a match, making effective use of his built-in defenses and dodges can mean the difference between win and defeat.

Achilles’ Gift of the Gods (Passive) allows him to choose between armoured and unarmored forms, either of which offers him a protection or attack benefit. This complements his abilities, with Shield of Achilles (S1) providing a useful stun and Fatal Strike (Ultimate) providing a devastating dash strike. He can use it in conjunction with Radiant Glory (S2) to increase his defences, and Combat Dodge (S2) provides a useful escape manoeuvre in tight situations. smite warrior gods

Sun Wukong

He, the Monkey King, swoops in to steal the show as one of the best Warrior Gods to maintain his meta status. Sun Wukong, like other Warrior Gods, has more than enough punch to be an effective solo laner, with tremendous sustains, moderate damage, and even crowd control. His numbers, on the other hand, are a little basic, and his ability-reliant nature renders him useless against silences. He also has trouble leaving tight situations without his Ultimate.

Sun Wukong’s Undefeated Body (Passive) improves his defenses starting at half health, encouraging him to stay alive. His Magic Cudgel (S1) is a good farm attack, while Master’s Will (S2) is a nice stun that goes well with his combinations. 72 Transformations (S3) grants Wukong access to three different forms, each with different benefits, while Somersault Cloud (Ultimate) allows him to summon a pet to fight for him while he travels in a cloud – ideal for relocations.

Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn, often known as the Hound of Ulster, is a legendary Celtic warrior whose spear is capable of tearing through any foe. He has the same power as a Warrior God in Smite. Cu Chulainn, unlike other Gods, does not need Mana but rather Rage, which allows him to employ his talents more easily. Cu Chulainn, unlike other Warriors who like to go toe-to-toe with a single foe, has the skills to combat several foes at once. His overdependence on Rage, on the other hand, makes it impossible to manage resources, as going in blind can be fatal.

Berserk (Passive) boosts his attacking powers by giving him more strength and shields. This works well with Barbed Spear/Ground Slam (S1), which is a powerful stun, and Vent Anger (S2), which deals damage to nearby opponents over time. Salmon’s Leap/Furious Charge (S3) is a good leap attack, and Spear of Mortal Pain/War Cry (Ultimate) inflicts a variety of debuffs on enemies.


Vamana, as the Fifth Avatar of Vishnu, appears to be a calm and composed individual. His childlike demeanor, however, conceals a humble teacher whose lectures have humbled even the most powerful tyrants and individuals. This is a good fit for him, as his role in the game allows him to accomplish a lot of solo farming and laning, and his Ultimate allows him to effortlessly dominate teamfights. Vamana, on the other hand, must carefully manage lane matchups, as he can falter late in the game. To maximize damage output, players must properly control their bonuses.

Sleeping Giant (Passive), which trades some defense for a boost in power and attack speed, reflects Vamana’s concentration on humbling adversaries through fight. His Clear the Path (S1) dash pushes adversaries into the air, while his Armored Umbrella (S2) is a wide assault against enemies. Vamana’s Umbrella Ring is a decent slowing ability, while Colossal Fury (Ult) transforms him into a monstrous monster eager to wreak havoc on his enemies, especially those who use an alternate form like Cthulhu.


Everyone is familiar with Hercules and his incredible strength, which he employs as a formidable bruiser for the Gods in Smite. Despite his reputation as a frontline attacker, Hercules should always be considered a support unit. His powers make him ideal for putting pressure on opponents, since he can quickly punish most foes in his path. Hercules has a lot of solo killing potential when applied correctly. However, because Hercules still requires adequate sustains, this encouragement for direct conflict can render him vulnerable in teamfights.

Due to Strength From Pain (Passive), which increases Hercules’ attack power through damage, he is built for fighting. This complements his skills, which include the dazzling Diving Strike (S1), the juggling Earthbreaker (S2), and the devastating Excavate (S3) (Ultimate). Meanwhile, his Mitigate Wounds (S3) provides a solid defensive boost to go along with his risky offence.


Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, has a regality like no other, and his reputation as a Warrior shows in his battle ability. He is a melee Warrior who uses buffs and crowd control to dominate the battlefield. Gilgamesh can physically shove his adversaries in a teamfight, which can be more deadly while going alone. Despite his versatility, though, his lack of crowd control defense and early-game Passive utility might leave him vulnerable in the early portions of a game. smite warrior gods

The Epic of Gilgamesh (Passive) is a good way to get his key items by meeting certain requirements. His Sun-Forged Scimitar (S1), likewise, ensures a sluggish effect during hits. Meanwhile, Hero’s Advance (S3) is a good area dash attack, and Drop Kick (S2) is a good air-knockdown ability. Finally, Ultimate Winds of Shamash is a slowing AOE that may quickly disrupt teamfights.


She is known as the Shining Light, and she has shone brightly throughout the game. Amaterasu, a staunch Warrior, has risen to prominence in the meta thanks to her potent powers. In her dual build, she has incredible utility and control, allowing her to deal both targeted and area damage while maintaining a high sustain. However, her early-game frailty and vulnerability to crowd control make her a liability if not effectively controlled, especially against Assassins.

Amaterasu’s talents shine brightly. Her Divine Presence (S1) gives her the ability to flip between a healing and aggressiveness bonus. This complements her Illuminating Strike (Passive), which constantly reduces her opponents’ attack. Glorious Charge (S3) is a fantastic dash attack, and Heavenly Reflection (S2) is an effective protection buff with a destructive element. Finally, Dazzling Offensive (Ultimate) is a potent finisher that can end a solo battle or a team fight with a tremendous combo.

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