PUBG Mobile vs Call Of Duty Mobile: 4 interesting aspects of comparison

PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty (CoDM) Mobile have been two of the most played games in the world, with millions of gamers playing the games. However, what sets them apart? Here's a brief comparison.

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PUBG vs Call of Duty: PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile are considered two games that have captured the mobile gaming industry, with millions of gamers devoting their time on a regular basis. The blend of intense combat with different gameplay modes which are realistic in nature makes the games the perfect solution for those looking to have a good time. However, there are certain differences which need to be taken into account, in order to understand them better.

Here is a look at four such interesting aspects of PUBG vs Call of Duty comparison:

1) Features: Both the games have a similar goal, that is to be the last one standing. However, that’s among the few similarities, with certain differences in case of the features of the games. While PUBG Mobile is an orthodox Battle Royale game with basic features, CoD Mobile has numerous aspects which are unique. Call of Duty Mobile features six default classes, with an option to set a default perk to a player. There are numerous roles for players with being a defender and medic two of them.

2) Maps and Graphics: CoD includes popular multiplayer maps such as Crash, Nuketown, Hijack and Killhouse. PUBG in comparison also has six maps, which are much large in size. CoDM further has excellent graphic optimisations. The frame rate is extraordinary, much faster as compared to PUBG. The textures and details are more realistic in the case of CoD, resulting in an engaging gaming experience.

3) Graphics: PUBG Mobile is powered by the Unreal Engine. CoD Mobile operates on the Unity Engine. The former is associated with photo-realistic visuals, which reflects in fine detail. CoD Mobile in comparison does not boast of the same level of clarity. However, it certainly provides an extremely exciting gaming environment to a user, with a destructible environment available. One can smash windows, wreak havoc if required which is not an option available in case of PUBG Mobile. One can only destroy doors in PUBG, which certainly seems quite limited.

4) Gameplay: The gameplay is way better in case of CoD Mobile in comparison to PUBG Mobile. One major factor in this are the two forms of shooting which are made available in the former. The two forms of shooting are: an automatic firing mode which will certainly suit a casual player and secondly, a lock ‘n load mode which those looking for a challenge will find more interesting. A gamer cannot choose between the two in case of PUBG Mobile, which is a slight disappointment. Another aspect of consideration is the time period involved in case of operations within the two games. A conventional Battle Royale or Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile lasts for nearly half an hour. In comparison, each round in CoD Mobile lasts for seven minutes. This has a direct impact on the game’s pace, with one experiencing more satisfaction. The wide range of controls: primary gun, secondary gun, ancillary drone support, special weapons, grenades are arranged in an organised manner, which is not the case with PUBG mobile.

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