PUBG Mobile: What are the tricks of naming characters and how to change it?

PUBG Mobile game is very addictive for gamers and it all begins with a simple step of deciding what should be the name of the characters by which you can play the game.

Names in PUBG Mobile play a very important role. (Image credit: PUBG Mobile Twitter)

PUBG Mobile has redefined the way gamers have approached gaming on their laptops and mobiles. The amount of action, high-end graphics, and the prizes that it has to offer make the game one of the best games in the market. In India, the game is banned in the country due to the ongoing tensions between the Government and China. In mid-2020, due to the Galwan Valley crisis, it was banned by MEITY under the Information Technology Act.

Although there are ways to bypass the ban through VPN and other secure networks, the game remains banned in India. However, it is still important for gamers to know the nuances of certain aspects of the game. The first aspect of the game stars right from the name. What is in a name, William Shakespeare once asked in one of his poems? Well, in this, it makes a big difference.

The aspect of naming in PUBG Mobile

The name of the character makes the gamer stand out. According to some gaming lists released for PUBG Mobile names, there are certain names that stand out in a big way. ExWhyZed, SWAG, Dark Clown, Z3US, Raven, Hydra Dagger are some of the cool names in the game. Troll, Bravo, Skull are some of the standard but effective names in this that give the gamer a brilliant experience.

However, how does one go about changing or setting the name in PUBG Mobile? Here is a step-by-step guide on how it should be done.

Steps in setting names in game

The first step in changing your name in PUBG Mobile is to open the game on the smartphone. After opening the game, one has to go to the inventory. In the inventory section, the gamer has to go to the Emotes section. Once in the Emotes section, there is a PUBG Mobile Rename Card. When the card is clicked, the Use key will come. The gamer has to input the name in that and click ok.

There are also some name generators by which the gamer can create their ID on PUBG Mobile. There are several sites like Tricksnation (, ( and Nickfinder ( to create a unique identity for the gamer. One has to just access the site and select the name and the font by which they want to see the name being displayed on PUBG Mobile.   

This is the simple method and technique by which one can create an ID on PUBG Mobile. But, it is important that a gamer chooses a unique ID and font which will make it easier for him/her to access the game. A name must be simple.

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