Pubg Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Latin America Phase 3 Day 1 Format and Schedule

Pubg Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Latin America is organized by Krafton, tencent games and Level Up .This region sponsor is realme. Pubg Mobile Pro League Latin America is happening in Latin America. Pubg Mobile is a very popular in Mobile games, Mobile gamers like it a lot and audience can also watch its live match and Audience likes it a lot. 

Pubg Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Latin America Phase 3 Day 1 Format and  Schedule Details


League: August 30th – September 25th, 2022

20 invited teams from PMPL North America Spring 2022.

Stage consists of 3 phases, each phase has the following format:

Teams are drawn into 5 groups (groups are redrawn every phase)

5 matchdays, 5 matches per day (6 matches for Day 5).

Each group plays 4 matches per day in a round-robin format.

Top 12 teams after 25 matches qualify for the Additional Match.

Additional Match is played on Livik with a separate points system.

Teams are awarded with Bonus Points based on their placement every phase and on their overall league results.

Top 16 teams based on overall league results qualify for Finals.

Finals: September 30th – October 2nd, 2022

16 teams from League Stage.

Teams start with accumulated Bonus Points from League Stage.

Total 18 matches, 6 matches each day


Group A



Royals of War 


Group B

Golden Eagles Esports 

Stelacy Esports 

19 Esports MX

Venture Inc

Group C

All Glory Gaming 

Mezexis  Dreams


Buluc Chabtan

Group D

Team Jaguar

7 Deadly Sins

Team Queso

Noob Esports 

Group E

Furious Gaming 

Aton Esports 

United Team


• Match 1: Erangel   Group: ABCD

• Match 2: Miramar Group: ABCE

• Match 3: Sanhok   Group: ABDE

• Match 4: Erangel   Group: ACDE

• Match 5: Miramar Group: BCDE

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PMPL LATIN AMERICA 2022 Date and Live Stream Details

All the matches will be live-streamed on PUBG MOBILE’s official Latin America YouTube channel.Make sure to watch the stream and support your favourite team.

Match Date -23 Sep  5 PM MX-COL-PERÚ 6 PM CHILE 7 PM ARG

YT Stream Link:-

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