Overwatch D.Va guide

D.Va's kit is one that features some great crowd control aspects, decent damage output, and it supports one of the best ultimates.

D.Va in Overwatch. (Image: Twitter)

Tanks have always been some of the most important characters in Overwatch.

The beefy heroes are usually the first ones in a team fight, and a good Tank is often the difference between victory and defeat. While there have been multiple metas since the game’s release, D.Va has seen it all and remains a valuable asset to any team.

D.Va’s kit is one that features some great crowd control aspects, as well as decent damage output, and it supports one of the best ultimates in the game. Here’s the definitive guide to mastering D.Va in Overwatch.

D.Va has one of the most interesting stories in Overwatch, and it is one that, to some extent, relates to the lifestyle that many of us gamers lead. D.Va’s real name is Hana Song, as D.Va was her alias when she was a former Starcraft 2 player, and a very good one at that. At the age of 16, she was ranked first in the world and went undefeated for three years.

D.Va’s retirement was precipitated by an attack on her hometown of South Korea by an omnic monster that emerged from the sea. At the time, the South Korean government deployed armoured forces known as the Korean Army’s Mobile Exo-Force (MEKA). However, they were looking for pilots for these MEKAs and eventually turned to professional gamers, with no better fit than the world’s top ranked player.

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D.Va has two primary weapons, one that can be used inside and one that can be used outside of her MEKA. Of course, the one within her MEKA is far more powerful than her Light Gun, but her Fusion Cannons also deal decent damage.

Fusion Cannons

Damage: 0.6 – 2

Falloff range: 10 – 20 m

Spread angle: Constant: 4.15 degrees

Move. speed: -40% penalty

Num. of pellets: 11 per shot

Rate of fire: 0.15-second recover, 6.67 shots per second

Ammo: Infinite

Damage per second: 44.00 – 146.67

Light Gun

Damage: 14

Projectile speed: 50 meters per second

Rate of fire: 7 rounds per second

Ammo: 20

Reload time: 1.45 seconds

Damage per second: 98.00

D.Va can constantly pelt her enemies with surprising fire because the Fusion Cannons are dual-wield and have an infinite amount of ammo. While they are not the most powerful weapons, they can be extremely irritating.

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D.Va possesses some lethal abilities capable of impeding enemy movement and gaining decent control of team fights. Furthermore, the cooldowns for each ability are not severe, so you will find yourself using these abilities on a regular basis.

Defense Matrix 

Max. range: 10 meters

Duration: Up to 2 seconds

Cooldown: 1 second

Seven seconds to fully recharge

Micro Missiles


Direct hit: 7 per missile

Splash: 1 – 4 per missile

Self: 1 – 4 per missile

Projectile speed: 40 meters per second

Area of effect: 1.5-meter radius

Rate of fire: 11 missiles per second

Ammo: 18

Casting time: 0.25 seconds

Cooldown: 8 seconds


Damage: 10

Move. speed:+118%

Max. range: Up to 23.98 meters

Duration: Up to 2 seconds

Cooldown: 4 seconds

DVA Ultimate Ability: Self-Destruct 

Damage: 100 – 1000

Area of effect: 20-meter radius

Casting time: 3-second fuse

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