Overwatch Widowmaker: Lore, abilities, tips, All you need to know

Widowmaker, a French sniper, has become one of Overwatch's most recognisable villains, as well as one of the game's most popular DPS options.

Widowmaker: Lore, abilities, tips, All you need to know. (Credits: Blizzard)

Widowmaker has established herself as Overwatch’s true villain, but her sniper skills are difficult to perfect. There are, however, some suggestions and tactics that can assist you in taming the dangerous spider queen.

Widowmaker, a French sniper, has become one of Overwatch’s most recognisable villains, as well as one of the game’s most popular DPS options. But just because she appears infrequently in our games doesn’t imply she’s simple to master.

This tutorial will show you how to use Widowmaker to her full capacity while also providing information on her gameplay, abilities, lore, skins, and more.

Overwatch Widowmaker lore

While it’s difficult to empathise with Talon’s living weapon, Widowmaker wasn’t always the blue-skinned antagonist we see in Overwatch.

Overwatch Widowmaker

Amélie Guillard was one of the most talented ballet dancers in Paris. Things rapidly went wrong when she married Gérard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent who was intimately involved in the struggle against Talon.

Amélie was kidnapped by Talon following multiple assassination attempts on her husband, and she was forced to go through a series of gruesome conditioning procedures that culminated to her becoming a sleeper agent. Two weeks after she was ultimately rescued, the character murdered her husband.

Returning to her newfound masters, she received additional training to become the ideal sniper, aided by Talon’s ability to decrease her heart rate, which turned off her emotional side. She reappeared in the Overwatch conflict as Widowmaker, the modern-day threat.

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Widowmaker weapon

One of the most distinctive rifles in the game is the Widow’s Kiss. It has a unique headshot multiplier of over 2x and can convert between scoped and automated mode. As a result, it can be dangerous in any form you utilise it.

Widow’s Kiss

  • 35 rounds per clip
  • 1.5-second reload
  • Primary fire: Automatic Mode
    • Rapid fire hitscan type
    • 6.5 – 13 damage per shot
    • 10 shots per second
    • 1 round per shot
    • 20 – 40 m range (subject to falloff decrease)
  • Secondary fire: Scope Mode
    • Single shot hitscan type
    • 1.9 m/s movement speed
    • 6 – 12, 60 – 120 damage
    • 1 uncharged shot per 0.45 seconds – 1 fully charged shot per 1.4 seconds
    • 5 rounds per shot
    • 60 – 85 m range
    • 0.95 second charging, 0.45 second buffer, 0.33 second scope in/out (subject to falloff damage)

Overwatch Widowmaker Abilities

Overwatch Widowmaker

Everything about Widowmaker’s skills revolves around stealth. She’s a force to be reckoned with thanks to her mobility, traps, and Widow’s Kiss gun.

  • Grappling Hook
    • 40 m/s projectile speed
    • 20 m range
    • 16 m/s movement speed
    • 12 second cooldown
  • Venom Mine
    • 15 damage per second
    • Max 75 total damage
    • 5 HP
    • 20 m/s projectile speed
    • 3 m radius
    • Lasts until destroyed, 5 seconds
    • 15-second cooldown
  • Widowmaker Ultimate ability: Infra-Sight
    • Team-wide buff ability type
    • 0.5 sec cast
    • Lasts 15.5 seconds

How to play Widowmaker

Overwatch Widowmaker

Widowmaker, like her arch-nemesis Tracer, isn’t the type of character who will be tanking all of the damage on the front lines or charging right into the action. Instead, the French sniper requires a lot of thought and patience, thus it’s best for players who aren’t as aggressive.

The most important thing to keep in mind when playing Widow is that she’s a squishy character. Make sure you find a hiding alcove to take off the opposition team from, and don’t make yourself an obvious target while looking through your scope for heads.

An enemy push can also be made or broken by a well-placed Venom mine. Dropping one behind your position will alert you if someone is approaching, while planting them at entrances, exits, and choke spots can hinder enemy assaults.

Overwatch 2 Widowmaker changes

Overwatch Widowmaker

DPS heroes have received an overall buff in Overwatch 2 that allows them to run quicker. This speed increase will be given to our favourite Parisian because she fits into the Damage category.

Aside from that, there have been minor cosmetic adjustments. Widow’s characteristic straight ponytail has been replaced by a French pleat, and she now wears a more realistically styled clothing, as announced at Blizzconline.

More modifications are possible in the future, but until then, we’ll eagerly await the chance to play Widowmaker in her new look in the sequel.

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