Overwatch 2: Players are happy without this missing feature

Overwatch 2 players are aware that Blizzard is yet to introduce a cosmetic feature for the sequel, and yet many hope that the company refrains from doing so.

credit: Blizzard
By Rohit Kohli | Feb 1, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Overwatch 2 players are aware that Blizzard is yet to introduce a cosmetic feature for the sequel, and yet many hope that the company refrains from doing so for the new game. The new installment in the franchise came with a lot of new things for players to try out. From new heroes, game modes, and maps, the sequel revamped the original and added several new features to make it more interesting.

One of the features added to the new game came in the form of new cosmetics for the heroes. Several new cosmetics were brought to the game, including souvenirs, player cards, weapon charms, and a new Mythic-rarity skin with customizable options.

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However, the game happened to come without one particular cosmetic feature, one that was shown in the trailers during the lead-up to its launch: Banners. It is exactly what one would think, they are banners that characters will display just like souvenirs. However, players are yet to actually see them getting introduced to OW2.

Players are happy without Banners in Overwatch 2

It seems that OW2 players aren’t very keen on using the latest iteration of Banners, especially considering how similar their function is to souvenirs, which many have already considered useless.

“I don’t understand why they went with Souvenirs rather than just making them all weapon charms. I think I have only seen one person in 125 hours use a Souvenir.” a user wrote.

Players also pointed out that banners could potentially just be filler content for Overwatch 2, and its only use could be to pad Battle Passes. Taking into account that players need to buy the Battle Pass each season to get goodies in the premium track, it looks a good amount of players are hoping Blizzard doesn’t bring the feature to the game altogether.

It’s unclear whether or not Blizzard will introduce banners to the new game with Season 3, but the community is definitely not looking forward to using the feature.

How to fix screen tearing issues in Overwatch 2

Players come across most of these issues when the frame rate is lower than the monitor’s refresh rate. If a player is averaging 120 frames per second (fps) on a 240Hz monitor, they should lower their in-game settings in order to increase the frame rates.

To optimize in-game graphical settings for the best performance, players will be required to set most configurations to low. Once the settings are adjusted, Overwatch 2 may look noticeably worse, but the additional frames might fix the screen tearing issue.

Besides, Vsync is among the settings that players turn off in order to reduce the overall latency in Overwatch 2. Doing so the setting does exactly that, but it can also lead to screen tearing in several cases.

Players should go to Overwatch 2’s graphical settings and turn on Vsync to check if the trick has fixed the screen tearing on their system.

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