MidOne talks about his plans for Team SMG, his career, and other topics

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Alvaro “AvoPlus” Sanchez Velasco, a Dota 2 commentator, got up with offlaner Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng at a restaurant before Team SMG’s match versus Fnatic in the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit (SEA DPC) to discuss, among other things, the latter’s competitive career. In the interview, he discussed how he got into Dota 2 and the challenges he had early on in his career. He also discussed his goals for Team SMG going forward while serving as its captain. MidOne talks about his plans for Team SMG, his career, and other topics

MidOne describes how he entered Dota 2

MidOne, the captain of Team SMG, began his pre-game interview with AvoPlus at a restaurant by describing how he first became addicted to Dota. He acknowledged that the debut of Warcraft 3 and the original Dota during his formative years, along with many other older generations of players, had a significant impact on his love of the game.

“At first, I was really young—maybe 9 years old—but Warcraft 3 had just been released at the time, along with DOTA, and it had already been incredibly well-known by the time my generation was born. My brother and I quickly joined each other in playing the game after I witnessed him doing so. The game at the time was enjoyable to play, albeit I can’t recall why.

He then continued by discussing his challenging professional life. While he acknowledged that initially, he had difficulty persuading his parents that esports is a realistic career path, he added that after joining his first professional esports organisation with Fnatic in 2016, he was able to persuade them.

“As with Asian families, they’re always hard on you, they weren’t supportive of me at first because they didn’t understand esports at the time. When I look back, I see that road was a lie. For example, they would encourage you to go to college, graduate, get good marks, and then become an engineer or whatever. But when I received my first paycheck from Fnatic, they supported my decision as though they were just another set of parents. They don’t mind if you have money and a decent life. He then discussed his future ambitions with Team SMG as he seeks to help the new lineup develop into a competitive team to conclude the interview.

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“Things have, however, somewhat changed for me now. My current state of affairs makes me desire to start something new. I want to build an extremely fantastic Dota team, one that rivals the current top team in the game. I don’t play as much anymore just for enjoyment. I believe that if you play professionally for a very long period, you will eventually suffer, and it all depends on your goals. But right now, helping others become the best versions of themselves is what matters most to me. For the time being, that is what I want SMG to accomplish. Following their 2-1 victory over Fnatic, Team SMG is presently ranked fifth in the SEA DPC standings, and many people think that the team may be able to avoid relegation at the conclusion of the first tour.

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