Kingdom Chapter 795 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Summary

In the upcoming chapter, In the middle of the big fight, the Gyoku Hou and Kanjou's soldiers are trying hard to get away from Seika's army.

Credits- Hara Yasuhisa
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Ousen finds himself in big trouble as Shibashou’s army gets closer. Ouhon jumps into action to help out. Meanwhile, the Gyoku Hou soldiers are having a hard time escaping and Kanjou has to make a tough choice to split up their forces. Ouhon then shares shocking news about Ousen losing, which leads to a big decision to help him with only a few cavalry. Things are getting really tense everywhere. Shin and Ten get some surprise help and Youtanwa rushes to keep Kitari’s tribe safe in all the destruction. Looks like this chapter is going to be the full path of blood.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 795 Release Date

The highly anticipated Kingdom Chapter 795 has now been officially announced with a scheduled release date of April 25, 2024. This latest update in just a few chapters, amassing a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting each new release.

We recommend reading Kingdom manga from its official source to support the hardworking mangaka. You can easily find the newest Kingdom Chapter 795 on the Young Jump website.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 795 Spoilers

Credits- Young Jump

In the upcoming chapter, In the middle of the big fight, the Gyoku Hou and Kanjou’s soldiers are trying hard to get away from Seika’s army. Finally, they break free and everyone feels happy about it but then Kanjou sees that some of their soldiers are still stuck behind.

Credits- Young Jump

Kanjou has to decide something hard and he tells half of the Gyoku Hou soldiers to stay back and help the others who are still stuck. Then, he and the rest of the soldiers focus on finding a way out. At the same time, Ouhon shows up and tells them some big news, Ousen has been defeated and Shibashou is chasing after him.

Credits- Young Jump

Understanding that they must come together and help Ousen, Ouhon makes a bold decision. He chooses to take only 100 cavalry with him to support Ousen while leaving the main forces under the command of Kanjou and Banyou. Kanjou sees how serious the situation is and agrees to stay and keep things under control.

On the opposite side, Shin and Ten, who lead the Hi Shin Unit feel really bad about losing the battle. Even though they are upset but understand they have to leave now and come back stronger later. While they are figuring out how to get away, they get a pleasant surprise, the Gyoku Hou soldiers show up which sent by Ouhon to help them out.

At the same time, Youtanwa who leads the Mountain Tribes, has her own problems to deal with. She is trying to figure out what to do after hearing about Ousen’s loss and realizing they have to run away. Youtanwa is worried about Kitari’s tribe, so she rushes to make sure they are safe.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 794 Summary

In the previous chapter, Riboku’s group received news that Ousen had retreated which made his assistants glad. But Riboku himself was worried about Ousen’s safety. He wanted to make sure Ousen was okay. Even though Shibashou’s army was around Ousen, Riboku wanted to finish him off there to stop Qin from taking over China with their military strength.

Denrimi’s group at the back of Ousen’s army helped him get away from Shibashou’s army. But then Seika’s soldiers kept attacking them. Sou’Ou’s soldiers were having a hard time until Akakin showed up. He was sent by Ouhon to save Ousen. Even though they lost the battle Akakin thought that if Ousen stayed alive and their army could bounce back later on.

Sou’Ou was in charge of getting everyone out safely, but he felt like this was the first time they really lost. He said sorry to Shiryou for not taking her along. Shiryou and her soldiers believed Sou’Ou would rescue Ousen but then Shiryou fell down, looking like she was gone.

Riboku sent Futei and his group to wipe out Ousen’s army. They killed the rest of the soldiers, so Ousen’s forces were completely destroyed.

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