How to pause DOTA 2: Step by step guide for players

Similar to many games, DOTA 2 lets players pause mid-game. It is quite straightforward to do.

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Similar to many games, DOTA 2 lets players pause mid-game. It is quite straightforward to do. However, it is important to note that pausing public matches should be made only when necessary. There aren’t any rules or limits about pauses in DOTA 2.

But there are some unsaid rules that every player should follow. Otherwise, the people players are matched with likely be annoyed and may report players for bad behavior. In this article, we will tell you how to pause in DOTA 2 and discuss when you should and shouldn’t pause.

How to Pause Using a Hotkey

Pausing a game in DOTA 2 is pretty simple. All it takes is the press of a key to carry out. By default, the F9 key halts the match.

Players can change the hotkey, especially if they are using their laptop’s keyboard to play. Some of the latest laptops have function keys that double as control keys for their device’s settings, such as brightness, volume, and more.

How to modify the hotkey:

  • Go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Navigate to the HOTKEYS tab.
  • To resume the game, click the hotkey again.

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How to Pause Using the Console

There’s one more way to pause the game. That’s by using a console command. Of course, this requires pressing a lot more keys. To pause this way, players will first need to learn how to open the console in DOTA 2. Once opened, they need to type and enter dota_pause to halt and resume the game.

Pausing through the console might be complex, but it does have a purpose. It is not commonly used in matches, as it is typically only while on the loading page, strategy time, or drafting phase.

For example, if players are using Captain’s Mode and one of the captains loses connection, the only way to pause DOTA 2 is through the console.

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