How to level up fast in Clash Royale: Fastest way to do it

Many players are coming back to experience and find the best ways to level up in Clash Royale this year.

credit: Supercell
By Rohit Kohli | Feb 17, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


It has been quite some time since Clash Royale hit the mobile gaming segment. It has a good player base that creates its custom deck of cards to battle against other players. There has been a constant stream of updates for the title since it came out and players immerse themselves with every new update that comes out.

Many players are coming back to experience and find the best ways to level up in Clash Royale this year. In this article, we have talked about a few methods that can be used to observe players leveling up in less time.

Fastest ways to level up in Clash Royale

There are many ways that players can use to level in the game. Firstly, players might want to build up and optimize their deck in a way that they want to work whit while leveling up. One such method that has proven to be successful for fast leveling by players is to level up all their cards to exactly level 10.

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This is because the gold/exp ratio is at one of the highest at this level for the various cards. In turn, when players are naturally playing through the game with the level 10 cards, they will be able to level up their main level at a faster pace.

Because of the popularity of the game, it becomes a priority for players who want to make their mark on the game to level up efficiently so using these methods will let them do that. Another method is to constantly donate cards throughout the gameplay. This will let them earn a good amount of exp for leveling up and if they donate higher rarity cards they will be able to get even better rewards.

With the new inclusion of the ‘Champions Card’ rarity, it might be useful to attempt and donate those cards when players earn them if they have any duplicates they might not be using them. However, players should note that simply completing challenges within the game will also net players more exp if they haven’t completed them already.

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