How to Fix Lack of Entertainment in Manor Lords?

It seems like the people in Manor Lords are feeling bored because there's not much fun stuff to do in the village.

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By Naman Alok | May 6, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

People often find that their villagers aren’t happy because they don’t have enough entertainment in Manor Lords, this guide is here to help you fix that. We will talk about why entertainment is important in Manor Lords and how you can solve the problem. You can make your villagers happy by building a Tavern and running it well, we will also explain step by step and how to get the most out of your Tavern so that your villagers always have plenty of ale and fun. You can turn your Manor Lords village into a lively and cheerful place with these tips.

How to Identify Causes and Solutions?

It seems like the people in Manor Lords are feeling bored because there’s not much fun stuff to do in the village. But the game keeps track of how many unhappy people there are so the developers can figure out what to add to make them happier.

In order to fill the gap left by the lack of modern entertainment options like TikTok in the game world players need to build a Tavern. You can find this option in the Construction menu under the residential tab, building it only requires five Logs which isn’t too much.

In Manor Lords having a Tavern can liven things up when there’s not much else going on but making sure it’s managed properly is key to making it a success.

How to Maximize the Utility of the Tavern?

Brewing your own ale takes a lot of work and money upfront before you can start enjoying the results, here’s a complete guide for anyone interested in making their own beer:

  1. Initiate a Barley Farm: Start by planting barley seeds in a field to grow your own barley.
  1. Construct a Malthouse: Next, build a malt house near the farm, you can find it in the construction menu under the “Industry” category. Then hire a worker to the malt house their job will be to change one barley into one malt.
  1. Convert a Level 2 Burgage Plot: Upgrade a Level 2 residential plot with a backyard extension into a brewery, the family living there will then use one malt to make one ale.
  1. Establish a Tavern: Build a tavern and choose a family to run it, they will bring ale from either the brewery or the granary (if it’s kept there) to the tavern.

It’s important to understand that the workers who work in the brewery and the tavern are different. So players need to always assign at least four workers to keep making ale one for the farm, one for the malt house, one for the brewery and one for the tavern.

If growing barley isn’t possible because the soil isn’t good enough players can choose to buy ale instead but remember buying ale will cost money. This can be a good option if you can’t grow barley and need to get ale from somewhere else until you can expand your land and grow more crops.

You can make your Manor Lords domain more entertaining with these strategies.

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