How to air roll Rocket League: How to spin and air roll

Rocket League is a very popular game, as it brings together the most popular cars and football.

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Rocket League is a very popular game, but its success isn’t very surprising. It brings together the most popular cars and football, and its toy-like appearance offers the game plenty of room for crossover events.

But its success doesn’t just come from big brand collaboration and aesthetics. Rocket League hits the ideal of easy to learn but tough to excel, with an intuitive game system that allows players to take control.

Air Rolls in Rocket League Sideswipe

To perform an air roll, players are required to double-tap the joystick in a direction and hold it during the second tap. Once airborne, the car will constantly spin in the clockwise direction, and won’t stop until the stick is returned to neutral. If the players land, as long as the stick keeps being held, they’ll start spinning again when they jump.

Rocket League Sideswipe doesn’t offer the same level of ball control as Rocket League, so players won’t be able to use the air roll to tilt the ball in the same fashion. Sideswipe’s air roll is more for changing air movement and momentum.

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Important tips for Sideswipe

Getting good at air roll is just one part of mastering the whole game. There are many other tools to help add to the player’s air mobility. Similar to Rocket League, Sideswipe has flip resets. Players can horizontally flip the car by holding a direction and pressing jump while airborne. But they can only do this one before they land. That said, Rocket League Sideswipe counts landing on the walls or ceilings as landing, so players can maneuver themselves to reload their flip quickly.

Players can also speed up their launches from ground to air by using boost jump. Not only does it beat the lag, but sends the car flying farther. With more speed and less time to react, mastering flips and air rolls to control the car becomes a necessity.

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