Helldivers 2 Latest Update Version 01.000.303: Fixes, Changes and Player Feedback

The last patch which was issued on May 7th fixed several minor faults that had been present since the game's introduction.

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By Naman Alok | May 10, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

A new update for Helldivers 2 known as 01.000.303 addresses issues with the game crashing and launching Quick Play, as a result players are able to use weapons without fear of the game crashing. The Arrowhead Games Studios made these changes to make it simpler for players to join games without any problems and to increase their enjoyment. 

Also they took player comments carefully and addressed several of errors although some problems remain the game is improving. In the future players might expect more updates to further enhance the fun of Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Version 01.000.303 Patch Notes Highlights and Other Details

New Crash Fixes:

  • Addressed common crash associated with damage-over-time usage.
  • Resolved frequent crash related to joining full Quick Play sessions.
  • Hot joining players will now appear in the recent players list upon reaching the match location or not at all if leaving from the loadout.

Known Issues:

  • Players may encounter various issues, including delays in friend requests, blocked player functionality and reinforcement unavailability under certain conditions.
  • Several gameplay glitches such as the inability to stand from crouching when surrounded by enemies and inconsistent behavior of certain weapons are still being addressed by the development team.
  • Helldivers may find themselves unable to stand from a crouched position when surrounded by enemies adding to the challenge of combat scenarios.
  • Some players may experience delays in the receipt of Medals and Super Credits, affecting progression and rewards.
  • Inconsistent behavior of arc weapons and targeting inconsistencies with the Spear weapon further contribute to gameplay irregularities.
  • Certain stratagems such as the Stratagem Beam, may exhibit unexpected behavior complicating tactical engagements.
  • Explosions within the game may fail to result in limb damage except in cases where collisions occur with environmental obstacles.
  • The area surrounding Automaton Detector Towers may interfere with the deployment of certain stratagems leading to unintended interactions.
  • Liberation progress on planets may inaccurately reach 100% at the conclusion of Defend missions requiring further investigation by the development team.
  • Tutorial issues persist including missing components in weapon tutorials impacting new player experiences.

Positive Player Feedback

After the update gamers of Helldivers 2 have reported significant improvements in joining Quick Play sessions. When the game was stable several players complained about being sent back to their ships when trying to join matches before version 01.000.303. 

The claimed improvements show a start in the right direction for the game’s community even though Arrowhead Games Studios has not formally acknowledged a connection between these problems. The most recent patch notes recognise the presence of fifteen identified issues that still require attention regardless of these advancements. 

These include an issue that keeps blocking players from supporting teammates in specific situations and ongoing issues with in-game friend features. Players are still encouraged to report any bugs not included in the known problems section by Arrowhead Games Studios.

Enhanced Damage-Over-Time Weapons and Quick Play

As of May 8th many of known causes of game crashes have been fixed by the most recent patch, interestingly it addresses a particular problem with Helldivers 2’s weapons which do damage slowly. Players can expect more stability as these weapons won’t affect the game’s performance according to the statement that comes with the update. 

The last patch which was issued on May 7th fixed several minor faults that had been present since the game’s introduction. This is the second update in a row that addresses issues with damage-over-time effects. A frequent issue that happens when players try to join Quick Play sessions that are already full is also fixed by this version. 

Arrowhead Games Studios has made changes to the systems that control the “Recent Players” list even if the precise source of this problem is still unknown. Players that exit the loadout will therefore no longer be noted in this log and will only be recognised when they arrive on the match’s allocated planet.

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