Diablo Immortal Upcoming Update Leaks Reveal New Tempest Class and Gameplay

The Tempest's smooth motions and harming attacks powered by water skills are showcased in the teaser which offers a glance into the game.

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By Naman Alok | May 10, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The popular game Diablo Immortal will be getting a new character dubbed the Tempest class which will launch on May 23. Players have the option to send the Tempest on adventures in the dangerous land of Sanctuary just like they may with other game characters. In the game players can now choose between another character the Tempest which is unique in that it can use both wind and water powers. 

Other characters include the Barbarian and Wizard, it offers gamers new challenges and happiness similar to a powerful warrior facing off against bad creatures.

Diablo Immortal Upcoming Update: Tempest Class Dynamics and Gameplay Details

The Tempest’s smooth motions and harming attacks powered by water skills are showcased in the teaser which offers a glance into the game. The Tempest, a “mysterious wanderer” who comes from the cold North, adds a new aspect to Diablo Immortal’s class lineup. 

The official Blizzard site previews a more in-depth examination of the Tempest’s capabilities promising an interesting storyline written by senior designer Ryan Quinn. The Barbarian, Crusader and Monk classes offer strong choices for those who prefer close-quarters competition. However people who prefer close-quarters combat may choose the Demon Hunter or Wizard classes. 

In the meantime the Necromancer sticks to its series background by focusing on calling forth minions to help in combat. Diablo Immortal makes sure that gamers of all tastes can discover a class that fits their style with its wide range of possibilities.

The Tempest class will launch with a free update that includes a special questline designed to help players get comfortable in their new role. Diablo Immortal’s class change feature allows players to easily include the fascinating Tempest into their already-existing characters giving them the chance to witness the creature’s abilities for themselves.

Diablo Immortal’s Class Selection and Other Details

Players can select from seven different classes in Diablo Immortal each of which is tailored to suit a different playstyle and desire. The Blood Knight, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Crusader, Monk, Necromancer and Wizard are a few of these. 

Different fighting styles are shown by each class ranging from close-quarters melee combat to accurate long-range assaults and even proficiency with enchanted techniques. The recently revealed Tempest class which is scheduled to launch on May 23 will be a boost to this extensive assortment. 

This fighter is skilled with both dual blades and elemental abilities particularly water and wind. In a teaser clip the Tempests are shown saving people who are trapped from demonic dangers showing their fighting skills and dedication to Sanctuary protection.

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