GodLike Esports won the POVA CUP CODM Invitational tournament

The POVA CUP CODM Invitational tournament was a great success. GodLike Esports won the POVA CUP CODM Invitational tournament and achieved the victory,

Credits: Skyesportsgaming
By Tanisha Wankhade | Mar 15, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The POVA CUP CODM Invitational powered by Skyesports is won by GodLike Esports. They defeated 5 & a Half Men in the best of 7 Grand Final with 4-2 scores. The POVA CUP CODM Invitational was declared in December of last year as the smartphone brand TECNO Mobile and Indian esports organisation Skyesports had collaborated. GodLike Esports won the POVA CUP CODM Invitational tournament.

The tournament had a total of eight teams that were invited from across India. The matches started on the 27th of January, it runs for around five weeks of nonstop action on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week. Each team have given their best in a round-robin format for the group stage prior to moving towards the Playoffs, which ended yesterday with GodLike Esports delivering a great play throughout the tournament and grabbing the title.

Extreme action was discern over the course of five weeks in the tournament’s inaugural season, first with round-robin group level actions. A total of  28 matches were done between teams, and the top four teams from the Group Stage did their best and made it to the Playoffs. In the Playoffs, the teams were headed to the double-elimination bracket from where they became eligible for the Grand Finals.

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GodLike Esports stayed one of the strong teams in the tournament, keeping it an unbeaten run in the Group Stage and the Playoffs. They reached to the Grand Finals with a bracket benefit in the Best of 7 series. It was 5 & a Half Men who did their best and reached to the Grand Final to face GodLike Esports again.

Here are the details of the game series:

1st game of the series started with the Hardpoint mode, and GodLike won it by accumulating 250-161. ABHIZDADA proved to be the match MVP.

2nd game of the series: Search and Destroy mode, was up, and it was 5 & a Half Men who delivered a good turnaround and made it a 7-5 victory, with HEXBHOOT grabbing the title of the MVP.

3rd game of the series: The game mode that started was Control. Both teams had a cut to cut fight as the scores stayed the same. But after that, it was 5 & a Half Men who became the winners with a score of 3-2, and TECHNO was the MVP.

4th game of the series: As the series scores were goes to the upper level, the game again went for Hardpoint mode. The game was a nearly fought encounter, as neither team backed off. Nonetheless, GodLike Esports kept their game strong and won the game by achieving a score of 250-199.  SKULLGUY grabbed a total of 42 kills and achieved the title of the MVP.

In 5th game of the series, GodLike successfully became the winner as they won the Search and Destroyed with a strong figure of 7-1. GODLNEUTRIONO became the MVP of the round.

So, the tournament was a great one and everyone gave their best to win it but GodLike Esports proved their ability by winning the tournament.

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