Call of Duty: Warzone New Update Make Major Changes to RAM-9 and HRM-9 SMGs

The RAM-9 is the focus of the most recent update which reduces its mid damage from 24 to 22 and near-mid damage from 27 to 24.

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By Naman Alok | Mar 21, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Two guns have been changed in the most recent version of the well-known shooting game Call of Duty: Warzone the RAM-9 and HRM-9 guns are now nerfed. A few problems have also been fixed and the Gulag part of the game has been updated. This update is released before of Warzone Mobile a phone version of the game where players are able to participate in a special event to gain rewards. 

If you purchased the most recent battle pass you will receive additional benefits in Warzone Mobile, the event begins later to the release of the game. Everyone should have more fun and equality in the game as a result of these adjustments.

Call of Duty: Warzone New Update Make Major Changes 

The player experience in Modern Warfare 3 has also been improved by an increase of customisation possibilities. However enhanced visibility is now available with the Aegis Imperialis Riot Shield blueprint improving the visuals of gameplay. But as a testament to the game’s dedication to high-caliber content premium bundles like the Warhammer 40K: Space Marine pack are quite expensive.

Bug fixes, weapon balancing and gameplay mechanics have all seen major updates in the most recent Call of Duty: Warzone release. Players are more excited than ever about the upcoming release of Warzone Mobile. The developers have shown their dedication to offering players a exciting gaming experiences responding to community comments and improving gameplay dynamics overall with these improvements.

Gulag Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The update adds updates and enhancements to the Warzone gameplay in addition to weapon upgrades. However random events are no longer possible due to the disabling of the Night Vision Gulag state. Gulag loadouts now include new tactical options because to the replacement of their laser attachments. Further enhancements have been made to the melee weapon Soulrender which removes delays after switching out or using equipment.

Weapon Adjustments

The RAM-9 is the focus of the most recent update which reduces its mid damage from 24 to 22 and near-mid damage from 27 to 24. In a similar vein the maximum damage range of the HRM-9 drops from 12.95 metres to 11.30 metres. These are little changes but they are intended to improve the balance of gunfights especially when there are more than a few people involved.

Bug Fixes and Modern Warfare 3 Updates

The update fixes a number of problems including vehicle glitches and elimination killcam issues in response to community input. Meanwhile the Modern Warfare 3 update modifies the Juggermosh mode to improve gameplay mechanics. However weapon performance under water has been stabilised and Juggernauts are no longer immune to tactical equipment.

Gamers are excited about Warzone Mobile which is set to launch on March 21. Activision has released information on Operation: Day Zero, the launch event that offers special rewards for completing in-game tasks. 

Even though the event’s name can lead to confusion it starts the day after Warzone Mobile launches. Moreover Warzone Mobile users who have purchased the most recent Call of Duty battle pass will also automatically receive the associated advantages further enhancing their gaming experience.

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